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leigh-s22 replied to topic Natural birth after cesarean

Hi kristyc, I had a cesarean with my first baby due to her size(I had gestational diabetes) and I didn't dialate more than 6cms after a very long labour. September last year I gave birth, by cesare...

Friday 18 July 10:33am

leigh-s22 replied to topic Sleeping Through / Solids

My 10 mth old has been on solids since she was 3mths. She suffered bad reflux and was also on a formula with thickener in it to assist with the problem. I couldn't fully breastfeed because I didn't...

Friday 18 July 09:44am

leigh-s22 replied to topic Lumpy food

My 10mth old was doing the same thing and now she's on the 9mth old tins and she still does it. My solution has been to use a fork to break the biggest & hardest chunks, down just a little and as s...

Thursday 17 July 09:11pm

leigh-s22 replied to topic Breast or Bottle?

Hi Gumboot, My first daughter, Charlie, was born weighing 9lb 9 1/2oz, due to my gestational diabetes and I had the same problems breast feeding her. She was on compliment feeds from day one, then ...

Thursday 17 July 08:59pm

leigh-s22 replied to topic Illness disrupted routine

Hi Mary, Thankyou for the suggestion. I have never heard of a suction for the nose! What exactly is it and do i just get it from the chemist? It sounds like a possible solution, as I'm sure it's on...

Thursday 17 July 06:28pm

leigh-s22 started new topic Illness disrupted routine

Please help. My 10mth old was great at sleeping through the night until 2mths ago when she got a throat infection. Three weeks later she got tonsilitis and has had a stuffy and constantly runny nos...

Thursday 10 July 02:34pm
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