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Sw333t replied to topic Doesn't like baths

My bub hates her little bath, but she loves bathing with me. I just rest her on my legs - propping her up, with a warm facewasher on her tummy.

Tuesday 18 November 10:48pm

Sw333t started new topic Vomiting

My 5 week old has been vomiting up some of her feeds occasionally, not too often, and this morning it had a slight tinge of yellow... im really worried something is wrong.

Friday 24 October 08:48am

Sw333t replied to topic what breast pads to use?

Yeh i agree, rite aid all the way

Tuesday 21 October 04:48pm

Sw333t replied to topic Nappy wrappers, are they any good?

i love my tommee tippee nappy wrapper. So glad i bought it. The bin stays clean, as there is no contact with the nappies.

Friday 17 October 05:31pm

Sw333t replied to topic Nappies

a box of 108 huggies lasted me about 2 weeks. I then bought a pack of 54 - gone through that now (lasted about a week), and now im onto a 2nd box of 108's.

Friday 17 October 05:19pm

Sw333t replied to topic TEARS :(....

my girl is 4 weeks, and lately ive noticed small amounts of tears. Ive been told no tears can be a sign of dehydration

Friday 17 October 05:16pm

Sw333t replied to topic Opinions please

I like Rhys (my brothers name!) lol, and Ashley

Friday 17 October 02:44pm


contractions are definatly painful, i wont lie! lol But they do build up. The worst pain for me was in my back. I ended up having an epidural 12 hours in, so i didnt experience any pain after that,...

Friday 17 October 02:38pm

Sw333t replied to topic Sore Back and Period like Pain

I was experiencing pain like that during the end of my pregnancy, and i went 2 days overdue. But trust me, you'll know when your in labour! lol My waters didnt break, and i didnt get my show until ...

Friday 17 October 02:30pm

Sw333t replied to topic What was the post painful part?

well now i know the contractions hurt like hell! I never planned on having an epidural, but after 12 hours of contractions... i needed a break! So i didnt feel the crowning etc thank god lol I had ...

Monday 06 October 03:27pm

Sw333t replied to topic Raspberry Leaf -Tablets vs Tea

I took the raspberry leaf tablets, and i wouldnt say it helped with the length of labour (17 hours), but my uterus did have a quick recovery

Monday 06 October 03:20pm

Sw333t replied to topic Smaller bubs easier?

well it definatly wasnt fast! lol, contractions started at 4 in the morning, bub was born at 8:55pm, weighing 3220g. Ended up having an epi, which i had never planned on! lol Had to have my waters ...

Sunday 05 October 12:29pm

Sw333t replied to topic Induced - Breaking of Waters

i had my waters broken when i was about 4cm diated, and already having contractions... and was terrfied the contractions would come hard and fast after that, but they actually slowed down. I had an...

Sunday 05 October 12:26pm

Sw333t replied to topic whats your fav food right now!!

I craved chocolate, it was a necessity!, and had my stages of anchovies, chili, honeycomb.. and strawberries

Sunday 05 October 12:23pm

Sw333t replied to topic Baby Powder ????

ive read that talc based baby powders are bad for baby's breathing, but corn starch based ones arent as bad, because the particles are larger, and harder to inhale as much

Friday 03 October 04:58pm

Sw333t replied to topic Epidural or no epidural??

i never had planned to have any drugs, but after 15 hours of contractions, i was really exhausted, and just needed some rest, so i ended up having an epi. I couldnt believe the pain relief, it was ...

Friday 03 October 04:51pm

Sw333t replied to topic TENS machine- which one to use?

i used a mama tens in my labour, and it helped alot in the beginning - i didnt even want to try a hot shower without it on! lol - but further on in labour, it got too much, and i ended up having an...

Friday 03 October 04:46pm

Sw333t started new topic best breastpump?

Im wondering what is the best breastpump brand out there? What do you ladies use?

Thursday 02 October 11:14am

Sw333t started new topic Uneven breasts

Ive been breastfeeding my newborn for almost two weeks now... and my left breast is quite larger than my right, even with switching for feeds any help?!

Wednesday 01 October 11:52am

Sw333t replied to topic 19yrs old - 1st bub - SCARED!! Got advice? Any will do!!

Im 18, and just had my bub on the 18th. Sure, the labour was bad, but they offer effective pain relief - i ended up having an epidural, even tho it wasnt in my birth plan. My partner rubbing my bac...

Tuesday 30 September 09:32am
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