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douglas replied to topic Swing set

swing sets are great for the messy foods like ice creams, all you have to do to clean up is grab the hose. If I give my kids an ice cream they know to go sit on there swings its fantastic.

Monday 08 December 09:14pm

douglas replied to topic They Grow Up Too Fast

just wait till your baby gets to 22 and you will realy know how fast they grow up . I can remember when my first son was born and you never forget , but its hard to think of them as adults when the...

Saturday 22 November 02:56pm

douglas replied to topic I cant cope

Hi Im Shaz . I would advise you to go to a playgroup and talk with other mums, we all stress over somthing sometime or another and you will see that we all react in diferent ways and when your ...

Saturday 22 November 02:34pm

douglas replied to topic Old Mum!!

dear old mum, you will do just fine , they don;t stay babies for long, before you know it you will be packing lun...

Saturday 22 November 01:22pm

douglas replied to topic Young Mummy

Hi Christy, I live in seven hills but Im not a young mum, I have had six children ages 22,20,18,16,6 and 2. shaz...

Saturday 22 November 12:42pm
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