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emilysam replied to topic Sleeping Arrangements

Our girls are 4 now, and have always slept in the same room, but seperate cots then beds. They enjoy it... our rooms are average size, they will remain in the same room until it causes problems Our...

Friday 10 October 02:24pm

emilysam replied to topic Sunny Coast mums???

Hello to all the mums on the sunny coast... just coming back on to huggies site after a few years, but would be interested in joining your playgroup... I have 2 set of twinnies 4 yrs and 7 mths, bu...

Wednesday 08 October 08:29pm

emilysam replied to topic well l had twins twice

Hello Ive been wondering how many other parents of twins x 2 there are out there.. I have 4 yr old frat twin girls, born at 34w6d both breach emerg ceasar and 7 mth old boy/girl twins, born at 34w1...

Wednesday 08 October 08:06pm

emilysam started new topic New House, 5am start.....

hello We have been in our new house for 3 1/2 weeks, and since then one of our daughters has been waking up at 5am... and then waking her sister. In our old house it was 7am everyday, we have t...

Saturday 28 October 01:39pm

emilysam replied to topic Playgroups on Sunshine Coast

Hi Bec Just wondering if you knew about a free monthy (possibly bi monthly) magazine called Kids on the Coast.... I have found this very handy as I am new to the coast, and it has all playgroups,...

Sunday 22 October 06:06am

emilysam replied to topic Toilet training twins

Hello, this was me only a month ago My girls had always watched me in the bathroom, so they had some idea, as soon as they were 2, they were telling me wee, poo, and stripping all the time, so the...

Monday 25 September 01:03pm

emilysam replied to topic TAKING HER CLOTHS OFF

Hello Last month when my girls turned 2, they were forever taking their clothes off, and also saying wee and poo, so they were very ready for toilet training... at first I just used the toilet sea...

Monday 25 September 12:41pm

emilysam started new topic New to Sunshine Coast

Hello to everyone Im Karen, and have 2 yr old twin girls, we are moving to Buderim next week.... and I would love to meet some others with children of similar age, or if you know of a good playgro...

Monday 25 September 12:19pm

emilysam replied to topic Anyone from Dalby Qld

hello SJS i know you posted this a while ago, but i will be visiting my in-laws in Dalby in a few weeks time, maybe you could give me a few ideas on what to do or see my twins will be 16mths, ...

Thursday 01 December 10:26pm

emilysam started new topic a new playgroup in Cairns for TWINS

hello everyone we have started a new playgroup in cairns for families with multiples a great excuse to get out of the house and make new friends with plenty of activites and safe play area for th...

Sunday 06 November 02:52pm

emilysam replied to topic Flying with two toddlers

hello twins' mum thought i'd have to reply, in my twin's 1st year, they had 4 return domestic flights, cairns - sydney (3hr flight) i chose to visit family while hubby was away working, he would ...

Monday 12 September 07:30pm

emilysam replied to topic Lunch Ideas for Toddlers

hello an absolute favourite at our house at the moment is zucchini slice and cheesy frittata, they are so easy to make, my girls love them and i find they are a great snack for me through the day ...

Saturday 10 September 08:09pm

emilysam started new topic 10 1/2 mths, should i drop a feed???

hello everyone at the moment im still giving my girls 4 bottles a day and 3 meals with snacks as well. their not big on water, so im a little concerned they may not drink enough just wondering ho...

Monday 27 June 07:46am

emilysam replied to topic Freezing Bananas

hello kazmadi i use only a little bit of banana with my girls cereal, and with the left over i make myself a smoothie for morning tea just another idea karen

Monday 06 June 12:37pm

emilysam replied to topic Is eucaluptus oil dangerous in steam vapourisers?

hello i went to the chemist to buy the special additive for the vaporiser (that a neighbour gave me), she sold me the cleaning tablets, that you add each time, but was strongly apposed to anythin...

Monday 06 June 12:30pm

emilysam replied to topic quilts / doonas for baby?

hello i had alot of trouble keeping sheets/blankets on my girls (10mths) at night, as they kicked them off all the time, and would wake up cold i tried sleeping bags, and have not looked back, th...

Saturday 04 June 07:40pm

emilysam replied to topic sores on bub???

hello again we had the diagnosis and the doctor confirmed that they were school sores, a highly contagious bacteria that grows just under the skin, which is usually passed on by other children ...

Saturday 16 April 06:08pm

emilysam started new topic sores on bub???

hi all we have a doctors appt. today, but just curious to know if any one has any ideas what these sores may be????? at first they look like mozzie bites but have turned into a nasty open sore, a...

Saturday 16 April 07:43am

emilysam replied to topic My Baby Boy Is Getting To Big For His Baby Bath.How Can I Transfer To Big Bath.

hi yorkey1 just wanted to say that i think the bath seats in the big bath are fantastic, i actually sit in the bath with my 7 mth old girls(one at a time of course) , and find it so much easier t...

Wednesday 23 March 08:22pm

emilysam replied to topic Colds - please help???

hello i know exactly how you feel, i have just returned from visiting interstate with my 7 1/2mth old twins, and we all caught a cold.... and its scary when their little noses are blocked and hav...

Wednesday 23 March 08:13pm
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