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suzanner replied to topic weights of kids.

My girls were born 6 weeks early and I had 2 at once, so they are smaller than their age group but ahead with talking and hitting all their milestones. Lillian was 1938grams when born Julia was 2...

Wednesday 26 May 04:23am

suzanner replied to topic Possible UTI - 3 year old

If it is bad go to the hospital, my 18mth old had a very bad fever and ended up a UTI had to antiobiotics given on a drip for 4 days in hospital.

Thursday 06 May 05:37am

suzanner replied to topic Im not coping :(

Hi, Hang in there, I know it is tough but it will get better. Can you look at any volunteers in the area. Speak to the local baby clinic and ask about volunteers. Some come and help with the baby a...

Thursday 06 May 05:28am

suzanner replied to topic Sick and tired of no twin trollys. Is any one else

Yes I have 19mth twin girls and I get to the shops and cannot leave the kids in the car to just go look for a trolley and it is not easy to find them. Have only done it about 3 times at Coles. It i...

Monday 03 May 11:12am

suzanner replied to topic When is the best time to have a second baby?

Hi I am not sure as I did not just have one baby. For my first child I had twins. So in that sense I had 2 at once. I have no idea of what it is like to just have one child. I have always had 2 bum...

Monday 03 May 10:55am

suzanner replied to topic Due in September too !!

Hi, I had indentical twin girls and this was my first pregnancy. Everything was magnified as there was 2 of them. I got bigger sooner, I got much hotter and seemed to be feel everything and know wh...

Tuesday 26 January 04:38pm
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