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palegal started new topic Wont do poos in the toilet

My three year old boy has toilet trained really well in the wee wee department but wont do poos in the toilet - he either waits till he has a nappy on to sleep or goes in his pants. Ive had only h...

Thursday 23 November 05:50pm

palegal started new topic crayons

Ive read that it is a good time to introduce my 12 mth old to art/coloring etc. My all he wants to do is eat the crayons and wont try using them at all.advice on how to get him started appreciated

Thursday 23 September 09:31am

palegal replied to topic 7 month old Scared of different noises

My boy started getting scared of noises from about six months,vacum cleaner,blender,hairdrier ,people coughing and sneezingI now can only vacumn with him in the backpac but he's better with the hai...

Saturday 19 June 04:40am
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