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hi darlene, i have the same situation, my son is 28mths old, i have searched high and low in the past 12 months for specialists for this child, and in all of the peadiatricians have paragraphs aout...

Tuesday 27 January 11:27pm replied to topic Thumb Sucking

i also have a son who is 28mths he is a thumb sucker, i recently noticed that when he closes his mouth together his top teeth dont even come close to the bottom, i have spoken to the dentist regard...

Tuesday 27 January 11:11pm replied to topic developmental delay

hi shakira, i have a boy who will be 3 in sep04 and has had at least 10 diagnosed probs. nasal regurfitation,inguinal hernia,curled under toes, knock knees,middle ear effusions and the one i am m...

Wednesday 14 January 01:47am
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