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mum78 replied to topic toowoomba playgroups

There is playgroup at Spring Street AOG if your interested...all different days to suit everybody

Saturday 24 June 12:38pm

mum78 replied to topic Mum's from Toowoomba and Surrounds

Unless something comes up at the last minute I will be going with my 2 younger girls aged 10mths and 2yrs.

Monday 27 February 03:16pm

mum78 started new topic Mum's from Toowoomba and Surrounds

Ok...for all interested in a meet up there is now one organised for Friday 10th March at 10am. We will be meeting at Scallywags playcentre on Ruthven Street, just past K-mart. There will be a sma...

Monday 27 February 03:15pm

mum78 replied to topic What age did your child start walking, if he/she is?

Hi, My oldest walked by himself at 9mths. My second walked by herself at 10.5mths. My third hasn't taken step by herself yet but is trying and she is only just 10mths.

Monday 27 February 01:50am

mum78 replied to topic Chubba buba - when did your baby start slowing in growth

Hi LGM, All my bubs slowed with their weight gain and growth from around 6mths and my oldest isn't too tall but is broad and my 2nd is tall for age...I think it differs!? My 3rd bub has been my s...

Monday 27 February 01:48am

mum78 replied to topic 2 under 2

Hi, My 2nd and 3rd are only 19mths apart too. I had a 3yr age gap between 1st and 2nd. I'd don't know how I coped I just did/do. Some days are harder than others but other days are just wonderf...

Friday 24 February 04:00pm

mum78 started new topic ~FREE~ Armband

Hi, The Children's Hopsital at Westmead are giving you a free Water Watchers Armband to try. I felt to put this in as I feel water safety is important with out kids and anything that helps saves...

Friday 24 February 02:16pm

mum78 replied to topic Bowed legs??

My 2nd bub was like that but it fixed itself up after a while. I never worried about it but if you ever are concerned talk to your GP.

Saturday 18 February 05:17pm

mum78 replied to topic Labels for Childcare

Sorry, I got confused...they just do all the labels but another one called does the drink bottles and lunchboxes...and they are good solid lunchboxes too!! I think it's jus...

Saturday 28 January 08:28pm

mum78 replied to topic Labels for Childcare

Another one which has FREE postage is They do personalised lunch boxes and drink bottles...shoe labels, iron-ons and all sorts! They don't come off very easy and last a long t...

Friday 27 January 06:00pm

mum78 replied to topic baba slings

I bought a Tomy Safari Carrier and found it great to use...I didn't find the sling comfortable for me or my bub. Since this was my 3rd bub we didn't go out much anyway so barely used it...but was ...

Friday 27 January 05:57pm

mum78 replied to topic Moving

Do you have an auction place in the town there? Can't remember what they call them exactly...but you take your stuff in they open every 2nd weekend for 3 days... and tell them what yo...

Friday 27 January 05:53pm

mum78 replied to topic I'VE CHEATED, PLEASE HELP ME

I have been with my DH for almost 11yrs and you really have to work at it...even though some days you just want to give try the counselling as it sounds like he's really in love with you an...

Friday 27 January 05:39pm

mum78 replied to topic I'VE CHEATED, PLEASE HELP ME

Try relationship counselling first. You have 2 children with the man so try... Hope all goes well...

Friday 27 January 05:34pm

mum78 replied to topic Stopped Breastfeeding, when will my period return?

It's hard to say exactly! My first I didn't b/f passed 2mths and I didn't get it back till he was 6mths. With my second I managed to half b/f for 3mths and it came back when she was 9wks. This t...

Friday 27 January 05:31pm

mum78 replied to topic Formula or Cows milk

I changed them at 12mths and put them onto the full strength with no troubles and they loved it...and still do!

Friday 27 January 05:27pm

mum78 replied to topic Thermometer's

We have a Braun ear one and it is excellent and well worth the money!! You can take their temp without waking them and it reads the temp fast and accurate too! With the difference in the ear temp...

Friday 27 January 05:25pm

mum78 replied to topic ear infection???

I'd get it checked!! My DS never tells me he has ear infections till they are bad! So get it checked as you don't want any damage done to her ear!!! Hope all goes well.

Friday 27 January 05:16pm

mum78 replied to topic 12 Month Immunisation

My kids got them all at once. My doctor told me that are bringing out an immunisation that covers them all in 1 needle so they don't have to get heaps in 1 go!!

Friday 27 January 05:14pm

mum78 replied to topic Eye colour??

if the mum is blue eyed - bb if the dad is brown eyed - BB then all the children will be brown eyed because brown ( is dominant My eyes are brown and DH's are blue and all 3 kids got blue eyes ...

Friday 27 January 05:09pm
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