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emma-mum replied to topic Look at me I am Superman

Aren't little boys wild? You could use a little turtle hat then you don't have to worry about head injuries on furniture. I ahven't found a way to stop him jumping off and on furniture. I just try ...

Wednesday 04 February 11:45am

emma-mum replied to topic Facial scarring

Yes vitamin E capsules put on twice a day for 3 weeks worked when my boy cut his forehead on some furniture. his scar is nearly completely gone. just a very thin pale white line is left. I always p...

Wednesday 04 February 11:42am

emma-mum replied to topic naughty all the time

Things sound really hard for you at the moment. You are probably right about being jealous of the one year old. I would suggest that you just never give in to him when he behaves like that and expl...

Wednesday 04 February 11:39am

emma-mum replied to topic Climbing stairs

My son first went down the stairs by just stepping off the top one into space. what a mess. The easiest way is to teach them is to go down backwards the same way they go up with their hands on the...

Wednesday 04 February 11:34am

emma-mum replied to topic Disobedient

I don't think smacking is a good idea at all - builds resentment and teaches that hitting is OK "if mum does it . . . " Time out works, rewarding good behaviour, not giving treats after bad behavi...

Wednesday 04 February 11:30am

emma-mum replied to topic How long on the Jolly Jumper??

My son loves his JJ. He spends up to half an hour at a time. He loves it and laughs and laughs. Its perfect for when I need to do housework and don't want him under my feet. Its important to wear a...

Wednesday 04 February 11:10am
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