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DizzyDeb replied to topic Baby Powder ????

I think i kno what you are saying. Baby powder shouldnt be used because it draws out the baby's natural moisture. In turn drying out their skin. Baby powder apparently has no benefit other than to ...

Sunday 13 July 11:23pm

DizzyDeb replied to topic when to start solids?

You will know when bubs is ready...with my 3 girls they were on solids before 4 months of age...because i too had a mother telling me that they were 'starving' that';s why they were screaming all t...

Sunday 13 July 11:14pm

DizzyDeb replied to topic One More?.. Advice Please!

This i have done. Would never do it again either. I have DD 2 and DD 3 was born 12 days before DD 2's 1st birthday. They are now 6 and 5 and i have honestly had the hardest 4 years. The first 12 mo...

Sunday 13 July 11:01pm

DizzyDeb replied to topic when did you start showing?

i was 6 1/2 months before i started to show with my first...i am now about to have number 4 and i was only 16 weeks when i started showing with this one. First baby generally takes a while to show ...

Sunday 30 March 07:54pm

DizzyDeb replied to topic Hospital bag

lol i have kinda been thinking about the same thing. With my number 1 i only had an overnight bag ended up staying 8 days...wasnt enough. With number 2 i didnt have a big bag so DPjust brought in w...

Sunday 30 March 09:25am

DizzyDeb replied to topic Bring on labour

Geesh i wish i could help...i have no idea and i am desperate for the same thing. I had a growth scan on wednesday and baby is already measuring 10 pound 5 and i just freeked! I am back at hospital...

Sunday 30 March 09:00am

DizzyDeb replied to topic just wondering...................

Am due 16th April...want to have him now he's soooo big already! This is baby number 4 for me...i have 3 girls 13, 5 & 4

Friday 28 March 02:56pm

DizzyDeb replied to topic anyone got the sex wrong

Hey...I was told at my 18 weeks scan that i was carrying a girl. I was a little upset cause after 3 girls i kinda had my heart set on having a boy. My mum took me to have 3D scans done for my birth...

Friday 28 March 02:41pm

DizzyDeb replied to topic 3d ultrasounds

I had mine done at 24 weeks. I live in Adelaide so i too went to fetal fotos...and i have given them the biggest plug i can to everyone i know that is havning a baby. Absolutely AWESOME!! There are...

Friday 28 March 02:26pm

DizzyDeb replied to topic Open home?

I think that is an awesome idea. I have been wondering myself what to do. With my last 2 babies i didnt have to worry so much...the only people that came to visit was my mum or my partners friends ...

Tuesday 25 March 09:30am

DizzyDeb replied to topic Many thanks.. and more questions (about cars this time)

Hey...dont know either of the cars you are looking at but...i am 173cm and am 37 weeks pregnant. My mother has a Landcruiser and i cringe everytime she says we're taking the 'truck'. Getting out is...

Tuesday 25 March 09:26am

DizzyDeb replied to topic Your Opinion Greatly Appreciated...

Thanks heaps guys..your input has been great. We had a chat about it just yesterday cause i felt that i needed to say a few things. I let her know that she can be there, i dont have a problem with ...

Tuesday 25 March 08:59am

DizzyDeb replied to topic Is the test important???

Hey hun...yeah this test is important...even if there is no history. Baby number 4 for me and i havdnt had GD with the other 3 but i have with this one. I was so thrown when it came back saying tha...

Sunday 23 March 03:52pm

DizzyDeb replied to topic Waddle a duck :D

Oh no hun...definately not alone lol. I am 36 weeks also and i have been walking like a penguin for weeks! Went into my work place the other day and my boss suggested that i had a basketball up my ...

Sunday 23 March 03:46pm

DizzyDeb replied to topic How to spell ??

Tahlia i think is the traditional way to spell it so would probably be the least confusing for people, i have a dd i named and spelt Rebekah...I have to continuously tell people hoe it is spelt. I ...

Sunday 23 March 10:15am

DizzyDeb started new topic Your Opinion Greatly Appreciated...

The arrival of my baby number 4 is fastly approaching. Not fast enough though i might say the sooner the better i say. There is 13 years between my eldest and this one. I have 3 girls and this one ...

Sunday 23 March 10:01am

DizzyDeb replied to topic Big Bub - measuring 27.5 instead of 24

Hey Paulette... I have gestaional diabetes and is NOT your fault. If you do find that you have GD then you will be educated on it. GD does cause baby to grow faster than normal. I am havin...

Saturday 22 March 09:50am

DizzyDeb replied to topic obese and pregnant

Hey....Dont panic about being turned away or for being overweight even. The day i found out i was pregnant i was 114kg. They didnt even suggest a change in eating habits or anything. They have not ...

Friday 21 March 08:34pm

DizzyDeb replied to topic Morning sickness

I think morning sickness by definition is different for everyone. I had my morning sickness before i actually found out i was pregnant..almost instantly i was only 4 weeks when i found out lol, but...

Friday 21 March 07:34pm

DizzyDeb replied to topic Hoping for Answers

Well geez...what a horrible day i have had. Appointment just started off bad and got worse lol. I was approached almost immediately after i checked in and was told that i need to go and to a swab t...

Friday 21 March 07:21pm
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