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Hi ladies how is everyone going? Well I will be 11weeks on saturday but wont be happy till I go for my 12 week scan next friday I am still not feeling any different with this pregnancy and I am starting to drive myself nuts with worry even though my other 2 were text book. I am sure I will be fine My oldest turns 5 next thursday it is so sad how quickly time goes he will be starting school on the 10th August I am hoping he will be ok because he has missed the last 2 visits and has to miss today because myself and my 9 month old are both sick with colds and I dont really feel like sitting in a classroom for 1hr and hlf with this pounding headache. Anyhow ladies sorry for the moaning session I feel like it is all I seem to do at the moment Everyone have a good day and sticky baby dust to all x0x

Morning ladies, Well the last couple of nights I havnt been sleeping very well keep having nightmares about going for my 12 week scan and then being told sorry there is no heart beat. I dont know why I am so worried my other 2 pregnancies were text book so I need to keep telling myself I am fine and try and get passed these stupid bad dreams My oldest turns 5 next week its so sad how quickly time goes he is going to start school 10th august I am hoping he will be ok as he has missed the last 2 visits and has to miss today because myself and my 9month old are both sick with colds and I dont think I can deal with sitting in a class room for 1hr and hlf with this pounding headache Well ladies I think that is enough moaning from me this morning I feel terrible coz it is all I seem to do at the moment, hopefully that will change after my scan next friday

Hi ladies How is everyone doing? Well me and my youngest are full of a cold feel so yuk still no morning sickness which is a bonus. Getting nervous about my scan next week don't know why lol. Tried lying on the floor this morning to feel where the top of my uterus but no luck probably coz I am only 10 weeks 3 days I hope lol. I put my ticker together but thats as far as I got not sure how to get it onto here. Jayden has speech therapy this morning and I cant be bothered having the guy come here he is so weird and if I ring and cancel he will probably think Im being lazy coz I cancelled last week when jay was sick. I guess Im going to have to do some cleaning before he arrives I still have last nights dishes on the bench as I dont feel well enough to do them Anyhow thats enough moaning from me have a lovely day ladies

Hi there I too suffer from anxiety attacks they started when I was 15 and I am now 27. I havn't had them for a couple months but no doubt they will start again soon because I am pregnant with number 3. With my first baby I was fine didnt panic at all but with #2 whent they broke my waters things went haywire and I had one of the midwives yelling at me to be quiet but I was having a panin attack and got to the point where I couldnt feel my arms I wanted to hit her so bad because she didnt understand what was happening to me I have decided this time round I am going to try and take things as they come and remember my breathing if I feel one start

I know exactly how you feel, Everytime my DH talks about his brother I get really grumpy and it turns into an argument coz his brother is one of these guys that borrows money or whatever and you never see it again and he carries on like everything is fine when it isnt (sorry had a vent just then lol). As for the niggles I would say they are possibly braxton hicks I fond when I was pregnant with DS#2 My husband and I went for big walks In the last week before I had him and after every walk I could have sworn I was going into labour but the pains would stop after a little while. I hope this helps you

Hi all, I am 10 weeks pregnant with #3 and have had no morning sickness. Has anyone else been this lucky? with my 1st son I was nauseas all the time and with my 2nd son I was sick at least once a day? I have had friends tell me that sometimes this could mean the sex of baby is different not sure how true this is. Would be keen to hear from anyone else who has been through this.

Hi ladies, Suzi2 I am so sorry for your loss I know no words can make you feel any better but I am thinking of you. Im soooo Tired tonight I am glad this is the only symptom I am really having but fingers crossed all is ok. I would really like one of those tickers can someone please tell me how I can get one? Anyhow must go ds number 1 is pretty sick

Hi all Im also due 20th this is number 3 for me. My oldest will be 5 august 6th and my 2nd is almost 9months. Still no morning sickness for me which is great Because I was constantly nauseas with number 1 and sick everyday for the first few months with number 2 Im hoping this is a sign it will be a girl lol

Hi ladies, How is everyone doing? I rung and booked my scan for 7th August very nervous as I still havn't had any morning sickness so hoping there is a bubba there lol. Im so shocking when it comes to worrying both my other pregs went fine so I should stop worrying I will be 10 weeks on saturday so excited. DH has decided he would like to leave his job next year after this baby is born and start doing farming so that will be interesting. Really wanting salt and vinegar chips today but dont have any I'm so glad I dont have to pee every 5 mins but getting up 2-4 times a night. Anyway ladies I must go ds number 1 is being a rat bag today

Hi all, Can anyone tell me when I am supposed to be able to feel my uterus through my ab wall? or when I bend. Iv had 2 kids already but have a poor memory of when I started feeling that even though my youngest is 9 months. Any feedback would be good thanx3