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Hi jaynie Just letting you know I have joined the group on facebook my name is marlene maynard

Hi Ladies, How is everyone doing? Yay I have hit the 12 week mark to with not one bit of morning sickness wooohoooo . Didnt end up having my MW and scan appointments this week as I decided to have a holiday before my son starts school on monday I am so going to cry when I leave him I know it. Have to text MW today and let her know I am back and I now have my scan next thursday still really nervous about that dont know why. It is so cold this morning much warmer in napier where I was staying. Anyhow ladies I must go and get DS#2 some brekkie before he gets upset. Bye for now

Hi ladies, Elizpeters - Its funny how yours went around for a girl with both my boys it went round and this time its going side to side. Yay have my 1st midwife appointment tomorrow so exciting

Hi ladies, Ok interesting question for the ladies who have had babies before. Have any of you done the ring test where you hang it over your belly to see which way it swings for a boy or girl. I think its a bit of fun I did it with both my boys and said I was having boys and thins time I have done it it is saying a girl I know it was probably just a fluke with the boys but I can dream its a girl cant I hehe

I have added you clare

Hi jonrah I was going to add you on face book but didnt know which one you were if you like you can add me my name is marlene maynard and if there is a few on there just look for the girl wearing a wedding dress and thats me

Hey Jaime I added you as a friend on face book, Clare I couldnt workout which 1 was yours there were a few with the same name if any1 wants to add me my name is marlene maynard and if there are a few on there look for the one with a pic of a girl in wedding dress and thats me

Oh yeah and I finally worked how to do the ticker

hi ladies. Well I have the most horribly taste in my mouth today that is making me want to gag every now and then YUK. My brother and his gf are comming up from napier tonight to stay for the weekend really looking forward to it as I havnt seen them since my wedding in may. Is anyone here on facebook would be keen to add anyone as a friend if so let me know Anyhow I must go DS#1 Is being really naughty today at the point where I dont know what to do with him

Hi there, I know exactly how you feel. I am pregnant with #3 and for some unknown reason I am terrified that things are going to go wrong, my other 2 pregnancies were normal and I have never had a misscarriage so I am just trying to tell myself that its all in my head I think the main reason I have been worried is because I have had no morning sickness but the odd day where I am nauseas completely different to what I was with my 2 boys so I am hoping its a sign that its going to be a girl Good luck and best wishes