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Lizzie, I am so sorry for your loss, Im not sure anything I say will make you feel any better. I will be thinking of you and your family and please take care xox Marlene

Hi ladies, Well DS#1 is home from school today with and upset tum Its 850am and I am already eating choccy its so bad I cant believe Im craving so much sweet stuff with this pregnancy hope I dont gain too much weight hehe. I even did the ring over the palm of my hand trick that a few of my friends have done all in good fun but it has been accurate for them. when I did it, it came back as 2 boys which I already have and then a girl so fingers crossed hehehe [Edited on 17/08/2009]

Hi jaynie, Yeah it was great I was all worried because I hadnt had any morning sickness but I guess every pregnancy is different. I didnt get pictures this time they put it all on disk for me but with my other 2 I got them on xray films but I think a disk is so much better Its sad your morning sickness has come back I am sure it will go soon, with DS#2 I had it up to about 25weeks and working in childcare you could imagine how hard it was for me to deal with lol. But oh well I am an at home mum now and wouldnt change a thing

Hi ladies, Well went for my scan and all was good, I think I am going to have a poser on my hands. At one point it had its legs spread and up in the air but couldn't see anything probably too soon anyway but one can dream lol. If you havnt worked it out already I would really like to have a girl this time

Hi ladies, Well I am off for my 12 week scan this avo and very nervous but cant wait to get it over with. Also have to go for bloods which I have to do every for weeks when I am preg coz I have an under active thyroid feel like a pin cushion at times lol. It was really strange last night I woke about 2am starving I managed to make myself stay in bed though coz I dont want to get in the habit of getting up and eating in the middle of the night as I didnt with the other 2 hehe Well I must go and get DS#1 ready for school will check in later and let you all know how I got on

Hi Jei, I am still feeling quite good although I am getting a few headaches and really tired in the avo A bit nauseas every now and then too. As for my midwife I have spoken to a couple of people about her and havnt heard anything good about her. So dont really know what I should do Going for my scan on thursday cant wait then I will know there is actually something there, when I went for my dating scan it was like looking at a little speck lol.

Hi ladies, Well my DS#1 started his first day of school today and I managed to hold back the tears I am so proud of myself :)He looked so cute in his little uniform. I am a bit unsure of my midwife I was meant to have an appointment last week but I cancelled and went away so she told me to text her when I get back which I did on saturday and never heard from her so I text her again this morning and still nothing. Im 12weeks and 2days and I still havnt had my first check with my other 2 I had first appointment at 10 weeks not sure what I am going to do

Hi there, I am now 12 weeks preg and with my 2 boys I was sick and nauseas all the time but with this pregnancy I havn't been sick at all and the nausea has only just kicked in the last few days. As for the food I was always told not to eat anything from a deli or rotisary chicken because you don't know how long its been sitting for so I have never touched it while preg. Although I have been naughty and eaten subway a few times. I know its easier said then done but try not to stress too much and just take things one day at a time, when you had your MC it could be that your body wasn't ready to take on a baby just yet at that time. Fingers crossed for you xox

Hi ladies, Hope everyone is having a good weekend. I have just been to famers and brought a baby tad leapfrog for my 9 month old, my DH told me I was naughty but I couldnt help myself it was so cute and hunters face lit up when I pushed its hand and started to sing. DH and I decided to go out and play swingball with our 5yr old and since he got bord with it DH and I decided to play eachother and now I have a very sore back not sure how I used to play it for hours on end as a kid lol. Well I better get going and sort dinner then get my sons things ready for his first day at school tomorrow. PS. since everyone is saying where they are from I am from Rotorua

Hi ladies, I know this is probably to much info but I have been having this weird feeling in my tummy all day and went toilet before a have all of a sudden got alot of discharge has any1 else had this problem? I dont remember it with my 2 boys even though my youngest is 9months. Any replies would be good