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Hi ladies, Since being pregnant my dermatitus has flared up worse then its ever been before dr gave me locoid cream and told me its ok to use while pregnant have been using it off and on for about a month now and was wondering if anyone else has used this while pregnant as I am paronoid it will affect baby. I had a little dermo with my 2nd baby and used beta ointment which is also a steroid and it worked and he turned out fine but this pregnancy the ointment didnt work hence the locoid. I guess all I am looking for is a little reassurance

Hi ladies, How is everyone doing? I live in ngongotaha, rotorua. DH and I have to DS one is 5 and the other 10months and pregnant with #3 fingers crossed its a girl but I wont hold my breath hehe. I'm finding this pregnancy is going quite quickly since my son started school the beginning of this month and I have to walk as DH has the car for work and I don't drive but I look at it as good exercise lol. Looking forward to getting to know you all [Edited on 30/08/2009]

Hi ladies, Sorry this is going to be a bit of a moan session for me We went to pick our boys up from the MIL today and while we were there her partner decided to sit on jay and he was laughing which was ok but he started to get louder and louder so I asked the guy to get off him twice after giving me a funny look he got off him and then took a dig at me and of course MIL and DH didnt hear what was said to avoid an argument I got up and said I was ready to leave and then he took another dig and it turned into a full blown argument with 3 against me I felt like a loser. all afternoon I have been crying and now have stomach pains and a bad headache DH and I talked and both agreed the silly old man dosnt think before he speaks and I should ignore it but some things I just cant ignore as the same thing happend when I was preg last year. Sorry if you all think Im a bit nutty but I needed to vent :'(

hi ladies, Well I have hit the 15 week mark today yay Time seems to be going alot quicker for me now my son is at school I walk him to school and walk back up in the avo as I dont drive and DH has the car and dosnt finish work till 3pm so Im walking twice a day 5 days a week thats going to be good for my labour lol as this is my third it might just fall out but one hopes it dosnt as I would like to make it to hospital. Dropping kids off at MIL at lunch time for the night as DH is taking me out for dinner no where flash but its nice to go somewhere where you dont need to worry about dishes and its fun Well must go DS#2 Is crawling around getting into everything and DS#1 is being a taddle tale lol

Hi ladies, Had first midwife appointment today and all went well I think I am really going to like her Took a while to find heart beat but the she discovered bubs was sitting on my bladder and she said this will make for a quick labour with it sitting low like my other 2 did yay I want it to be quick but not too quick lol

Hi ladies, Good news I got myself a new midwife she sounds so lovely and it turns out she knew my husband when he was a lil boy hehe I get to see her tomorrow avo so excited I been crying off and on today its driving me nuts being so emotional at the mo I would just be sitting in the chair doing nothing and i will start lol Well must go DH is cooking dinner

Well my midwife has gone and done it again she has cancelled my appointment on me because she is still on holiday. Im at the point of wanting to change midwives because I am starting to lose confidence in her maybe I should have listened to what I was told about her. I was already down this morning and now my hormones have got the better of me and the tears have taken over I have even had to put hunter to bed so I can just try calm down

Hi ladies, Yay i have my first midwife appointment today was beginning to think she was never going to come see me as i was meant to see her 3 weeks ago and she cancelled. Feel a bit sad today as my brothers gf had to have an op yesterday and when the surgeon saw her last night he told her she has very bad scarring in and outside her tubes she had a large area of endo as well dr removed that, he told her he didnt remove her tubes but it will have to be done soon. What a thing to go through at 21 I hope she will get to enjoy having at least 1 child before she has to go through this because its not fair no one should have to ever go through that. sorry about the moan ladies

Hi ladies, I have a question I would like to ask, I went for my 12 week scan just over a week ago and the lady got a really good pic of the baby laying on its back with its legs spread in the air looking at its bits. I was just wondering if you can tell what they will be at that stage. I have 2 boys and with my 2nd I could see his bits at 12 weeks I would really like a girl this time but not sure what I am meant to look for if you can even tell at this stage. To me it looks like a little m between its legs. Any feed back on this would be good thanx [Edited on 24/08/2009] [Edited on 24/08/2009]

Hi ladies, How is every one doing today? I have had a nice day out with a friend today even though its been raining all day. Woke with bad pains this morning but put it down to stretching pains because it had gone by lunch time. The things we put our bodies through