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Hi ladies, I had a midwife appointment 2 weeks ago at 18.4weeks and was measuring at 24 weeks, so my problem is when I went for my date scan my due date got put back 3 weeks but if I had gone off my lmp which I know exactly when it was because it was the week before my wedding I would have been 21.4weeks. When I told midwife about it she said she dosn't like scans coz the dates arnt always right and will keep an eye on me I have my next scan on monday. I would be interested to hear if anyone else has gone through this and their scan date turned out to be wrong? I am

Hi ladies, well I called a nurse about my sugar levels this morning and she has booked me in to get checked out by the dr tomorrow but she said by the sounds of things I have the start of diabetes I hope it isnt because the thought of it freaks me out I dont know why I would have it with this pregnancy as I was fine with the other 2

Hi ladies, Elizpeters I had the same prob at my mw wife appointment on wednesday I was 18wks 4days and was measuring at 24 weeks we arnt sure wether my scan date is wrong or what but I am hoping I dont have gestational dibeties as I asked my nana to check my blood sugar levels this morning as we have dibeties in the family and mine was 10.2 and that was before breakfast very high for me as I am normally 5.0 so I guess I will find out when I have to have the yucky drink in a few weeks although midwife may bring that forward when I tell her about that result I got this morning very scary

Hi ladies, well I had my midwife appointment today and got the lecture that I need to slow down or I will be having this baby at 28 weeks instead of full term. How do you slow down when you have to kids and a house to run lol. She is a bit worried about my measurements as I am only 18weeks 4days and I am measuring at 24 weeks, when I mentioned to her that when I had my date scan I got put back 3 weeks she said she hates scans coz the dates arnt always accurate so she will be keeping an eye on my size from now on and if I am still big for dates by the time I am due she will have to think about how far over my due date she will let me go if it happens so these next few months are going to be interesting, she weighed me and all I have put on so far this pregnancy is 1kg which is a huge shock for me coz I am eating alot lol. congrats to the ladies who have had their scans, only 19 days till its my turn woohoo lol. Anyhow must go my bed is calling me and I feel like I have gone on a bit

Hi ladies, My name is marlene I am 27 and live in rotorua due to have baby #3 20th Feb. My husband and I have 2 boys I have my fingers crossed for a girl this time but I am not getting my hopes up Looking forward to getting to know you all

Hi ladies, Does anyone have a gut feeling of what they may have, I was starting to convince myself that this one will be a girl then a friend of mine piped up and said that because boys run in my husbands family and we already have 2 that it will be another boy I was trying not to get my hopes up for a girl but now that balloon has definatly popped and I think it will end up being another boy. I dont mind what I have as long as it is healthy but it would have been nice to get a girl My scan is all booked for the 12th oct I wanted it next week so I could find out what we are having but the lady said they dont like to do them here till 21 weeks now so now I have to wait longer, I know you are all probably thinking I am so impatient lol

Hi ladies, Well I think I have started getting braxton hicks already and they are quite uncomfy this time around. I was wondering if anyone else is getting them yet as I dont think I noticed them till further on with my other 2

Yay I am 17 weeks today hehe. Hi ladies how are we all doing? Well I spent 5 hours in hospital last night due to pains i was getting yesterday went to the dr and she was concerned I could have had a clot on my lung because it got to the point where it even hurt to breath, dr at the hospital took bloods and thankfully everything came back clear the one thing I wasnt happy about was the fact they didnt check on baby as the pain had started at the top on my uterus but everything seems to be fine today. Have decided I am going to book my scan for the 23rd as I have my midwife appointment that day at 320 so might try see if I can have scan at 430pm but only because I cant wait to find out what I am having Im trying not to get my hopes up for a girl but would really like one as I have 2 boys but will be happy either way

Hi ladies, Hows is everyones bumps doing? Well I havn't felt my little one move since wednesday when my 10month old stood on my stomach I keep telling myself its normal not to feel movement everyday at this stage as I felt nothing at all with the other 2 and midwife said I will be fine because they are pretty protected in there so I am hoping I am worring about nothing I so cant wait to feel movement all the time because that is always reassuring. Anyhow thats enough from me better get some washing done while the weather is still nice

Hi ladies, savannah sorry about your bad news did the dr have any ideas of what it could be? well I had my 10mnth old sitting on my knee facing me and decided to rty and stand and dug his foot into my stomach which caused a sharp pain at the time but seems fine now not sure what I should do I am pretty sure it was on opposite side to bub