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Thank you for your wonderful story. I find out in the next few days if I am going to need a c section due to bub being breech. I have mw appointment tomorrow and then possibly a couple of scans if she hasn't turned head down. Due to suffering from anxiety I am terrified.

Intermama a big congrats to you and glad to hear both you and bub are well xox

Hi all, I am 35 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby and have been told she is breech and possibly will have to have c section if she dosn't turn, I have tried everything to get her to move but she is happy where she is. After having to natural births the thought of c section scares me a little so I would like to hear of positive experiences just to put my mind at ease as I suffer from anxiety and just need a little reassuring that it's not as bad as I think it is

I had my 1st bub at chch womans and didnt transfer till 6 hours later but not sure if thats because I had to have epidural and wait for that to wear off. I transferred to rangiora which was really nice and the midwives there were awsome as I had very bad depression and they were very supportive

Hi Ladies, I can't remember the last time I posted on here I am shocking lol. I have been keeping up to date with reading everyone's posts though. How is everyone doing? It is getting so hot here and I am hating it lol. On the 23rd dec I ended up at the hospital being monitored as I had been having contractions all day they wanted to give me medication which meant having to stay in over night but I came home as we had no one to look after our kids with hubby having to work xmas eve hes a manager at a supermarket and there was no one to cover him, I was just glad things ended up settling on their own. Had midwife appointment on wednesday and it turns out that the contractions turned my baby breech, midwife said that because this is my 3rd everything is stretched so she should be able to go back head down no problems and I am trying everything at the moment to make that happen but if she decides to be stubborn and stay breech then it will be a c section for me this time round so finge...

Ok so I have an embarressing question regarding discharge. I am 23 weeks pregnant with #3 and the last couple of weeks I have noticed an increase in my discharge I use liners and notice as the day goes on it gets darker yellow not sure if its because there is alot of it or if its mixing with my urine after I have been toilet its very hard to explain I didnt have much with my boys and was wondering if it could be because I am having a girl this time that I am having alot more I am not experiencing any pain or anything with this. Maybe I need to use more than one liner a day. I feel sooooo embarressed right now. Sorry for TMI but just wanted to know if anyone else experiences this

Hi all, Since i have been pregnant I have gotten really bad ezma have been using a moisturiser and locoid cream and pinetarsol in the shower the dr has prescribed to me every day for the last few weeks she has said the locoid is safe for bub as it is one of the weakest steroid creams out. But it dosnt even seem to be clearing up my skin. Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and is there anything anyone can suggest I try?

Im having a girl (Marlene)

Hi ladies, well I went for my scan yesterday and I have got my wish of a girl I am so happy as I already have 2 boys bow I finally get to go out and buy girly clothes yay

Hi ladies, Well 2 weeks ago I had my midwife appointment and was 18.4weeks but measuring at 24 weeks. I noticed when I went for my 12 week scan they put my edd back 3 weeks (which I thought was a huge jump in dates) and my lmp down as 16 may but it is wrong it was meant to be 25 april I know exactly when I had it because it was the week before our wedding. When I told my midwife this she said she is going to have to see how far to let me go, I have my 20 week scan next monday and will be interesting to see how bub is measuring. I am keen to hear anyones opinions and experiences with this as with my boys the edd only changed by a couple of days. ps I had a different midwife at the start of this pregnancy thats why the midwife I have now has to have a think about what to do if the time comes