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We bought the babylove ezy combo for our child, it has the 5pt safety harness, and the highest safety rating. You can get it for around $200. We've been happy with it, as has our dd.

19 hours straight is prob a bit tooo much. For all of you. You will probably find that it will take you alot longer travelling with a young child. Have you gone big distances with her before? My dd is almost 4yrs, and its only been this yr that our 900km trip from melb-syd has not taken 13-16hrs... And we have been doing this trip since she was 8weeks. With babies u need to stop for nappy changes, and feeding, and 5mins later another nappy roll eyes And your baby will cry, after being stuck in the chair for so long... Its stressful for u guys and the bubs. stay half way, and make it more enjoyable for all of you. That way you can take a little longer at your stops, and enjoy it. We've travelled from melb to the goldcoast, and even without a child we still stopped half way! Its dangerous to do too much driving. Hopefully he will see reason. I am sure his parents would rather you there a day late then not at all.

I wish!! My almost 4yr old dd hardly ever naps, its been prob 18mths since she had a regular daytime nap. She goes to bed around 7pm (usually asleep 5mins later, other times its an hr or 3 till she falls asleep) and wakes once. Then she climbs into my bed and will take a while to get to sleep. Best thing is that she will generally sleep till atleast 830am, if not later Hopefully I haven't jinxed myself by saying that!!

You could try having a look at It has info on what seats rated good etc in the safety tests. Though I am not sure if it would have all the carseats, or just the newer ones. But if you look up the RACV or NRMA (or whatever state you are in) websites, you can usually find the test results on there too.

My dh has taught my dd to put her tissues in her pocket. Which is fine. But I always forget to check her pj's pocket...So nearly every load we end up with tissue bits everywhere! Its so annoying. There is always 1 pocket I forget to check, usually the only pocket with a tissue still left inside. roll eyes

I think I will continue to use it for as long as she fits in it; I like that she is tied down!!! If she was not tied down she would get up and walk away whenever she felt like it, and I don't want her to get down until she has been wiped, and I believe that she should learn right from now to sit at the table until everyone has finished. Our booster seat has a buckle on it, so u can 'lock them in'. Our dd when she is in the booster sits snug against the table, so there is only a small gap,and I found with my dd she can't really push herself out from the table, so she is pretty much stuck there till I get her! And the booster seat also came with a tray and can be made a bit taller or shorter depending on the height of the table/how big your child is. It has come in sooooooo handy and its super easy to clean too, cos its plastic, and there are no hard to reach bits like with a highchair.

My dd was 18mths when we started putting her at the table on one of the booster seats. She was getting really upset that she wasnt at the table with us, so the booster seat that ties onto the chair worked fantastic. It still does, and she is almost 4yrs old! One thing though, if you have wooden chairs, put some sort of cloth or padding under the 'feet' of the chair...Our wooden chair is quite scratched from that booster. Oops!

what we find works well is giving them the control so we let them push the plugher on the syringe and say that what big kids do. have never had trouble since We do that too now. With our dd she was a shocker to get anything in. So we gave her the spoon to sip it from, and explained why she had to have the medicine and that worked really well. We also bribed with stickers. Good luck, and I hope ur little one will get better soon.

I know how u feel, as I felt exactly the same earlier this year when our dd started preschool. Same age as ur little one. The first day was hard, def more for me then her, as she loved it and didn't care that I was leaving. So that was a weight off my mind. It felt so weird the first few weeks (even now it feels odd) leaving her there and coming home without her....But it gets easier with every week, and they have such a fun time. Good luck!

I am soooo glad that I am not alone here haha. Yay for burger sisters!!! I am at home with no hint of a burger in sight and I may go a little crazy lol. A tip for those who like Maccas coke, if you want coke at home to taste like that fill up a glass full or ice and add coke, the fact that the cup has more ice than coke makes it watered down mmm.... I do that when my macca's coke is empty, but still has ice in it. Fill it up with coke and away I go!