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vbraggs started new topic Birthday cake shops in the western suburbs

Hi, Does anyone know of cake shops or anyone making cakes and selling them from home in the western suburbs of Vic? I am after a cake shaped like a car for my son's birthday but some of the cake ...

Thursday 22 July 08:31am

vbraggs started new topic Looking for tailors/dress makers in the Western Suburbs to sew school uniforms

Hi, I am not sure if this is the right place to be asking, but I am looking for tailors to sew school uniform pants for my little boy Ethan, who started school today. If anyone can recommend a ...

Tuesday 02 February 10:01am

vbraggs started new topic Son saying only 2 words at 21 months old

My son has not been saying many words and this is really worrying me a lot. Ethan is 21 months old, corrective age is 19 months as he was a premmie baby.. The only words that he says is dada and ...

Friday 07 July 01:21pm

vbraggs started new topic Son starting child care at 21 months old

I will be putting Ethan in child care for 2 days a week. My mum has been looking after him for almost a year. I just felt that if I left Ethan in child care for 2 days then he would get used to b...

Friday 07 July 01:16pm

vbraggs started new topic What is the best way to clean the carpet when your toddler has thrown up?

Just wondering if other mums had any suggestions of removing vomit off the carpet and keeping that awful smell off for good?

Sunday 19 February 06:58pm

vbraggs replied to topic Help 13 month old constipated since 4 months old.

Hi there Tesa, My son was also really constipated from birth until I changed his formula to Nestle Nan and it worked a treat. The very next day the constipation disappeared. I used to be worried...

Monday 09 January 12:23pm

vbraggs started new topic Baby threw up on our queen mattress, any suggestions?

Ethan threw up today on our mattress while he was sleeping [he does'nt sleep in his cot for a long time] and there was quite a lot of the formula on the mattress. A huge stain has formed so I am...

Tuesday 19 April 02:17pm

vbraggs started new topic Born 2 months early - what should baby's age be?

My son Ethan was born 2 months early. Ethan was born on 27th Sept 04 when he was due on 23rd Nov 04. Do you start calculating from the time he was born or from the time Ethan was supposed to be b...

Tuesday 19 April 01:12pm

vbraggs started new topic 4 month old throwing up after each feed

I have a four month old son who has been throwing up after each feed. For lunch I give him a tsp of rice cereal which he sometimes enjoys and after that he drinks his formula. It was all fine...

Thursday 24 March 07:37am

vbraggs started new topic Ad agencies in Melbourne for babies

Does any one know of ad agencies in Melbourne for babies?

Tuesday 11 January 08:02pm

vbraggs started new topic Going back to work

I plan to go back to work in 2 months time. I have worked on contract and temporary assignments before the birth of Ethan. I am a bit concerned that I won't find work due to the long gap inbetween...

Tuesday 11 January 07:49pm

vbraggs replied to topic Newborn Nappies keep leaking

I have tried Baby Love and also Snugglers and they are both equally good. I like the Snugglers as they feel like a soft cloth like cover and seem to be much lighter than any other nappy and has hi...

Thursday 06 January 10:43pm

vbraggs replied to topic Formula and Constipation

I am also a first time mum to Ethan who was born early at 32 weeks. Ethan is on Karicare Gold. Initially he was ok but of late he has become constipated too much. We took him to emerg and they g...

Thursday 06 January 10:34pm
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