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shanwil replied to topic NOT nesting

I hear you, I love it how people say 'oooh nesting'. No Im keeping my house clean like I do every other day of my life. I especially love it how my husband tells me to 'rest'. well maybe if he did...

Tuesday 03 May 11:38pm

shanwil replied to topic Has anyone taken the kids to see Rio?

I took my two (matilda 3 and charlotte 16 months) I took charlotte in the stroller. Both of them sat up and watched the whole thing (with the help of a lollypop and some popcorn!) matilda has tal...

Tuesday 03 May 11:35pm

shanwil replied to topic Going for #3

My husband and I were very happy with two girls, I sold off baby clothes etc and thought it was it. But I just felt a niggle. A feeling like 'Im not done'. One night I said 'lets just do it and if ...

Tuesday 03 May 11:28pm

shanwil replied to topic Anyone else having problems with phil and teds buggies

yep, I had mine fixed last week, had to get a whole new seat as the zips had broken down the side. My daughter only weighs about 15 kg, but she does stand in it sometimes when she is getting in. I ...

Tuesday 03 May 11:26pm

shanwil replied to topic Some people are so rude

Looks like a lot of us are getting it! I was having a bad day when I wrote this post as I had just met up with a really good friend who couldnt stop telling me how huge I was. Nice to know Im not a...

Tuesday 03 May 11:23pm

shanwil started new topic Some people are so rude

I am 37 weeks pregnant with my third baby. The hardest thing about this pregnancy has not been the aching hip, morning sickness, dizziness or tiredness.. its been the negative comments I am getting...

Wednesday 27 April 01:09pm

shanwil started new topic Baby number 3 and stressed out about abnormalities

Hi guys I need someone to talk to about this as I dare not speak how I feel aloud... I have two beautiful daughters, 2 1/2 and 10 months and I am pregnant with my third. Ever since I saw the two...

Sunday 24 October 01:03pm

shanwil replied to topic May Babes 2011

Count me in! this will be third baby, my dates say Im due around 10 May but going to Doctor tomorrow to get dating scan as Im not too sure. feeling sick, bloated, everything smells gross to me! ...

Saturday 25 September 08:24am

shanwil started new topic Baby Clothes.....

Just folded and packed up all my 000 and 00 baby clothes to pass on for a friend. I didnt think I wanted any more babies, but I got a strange pang.... Im not sure if I feel sad cause my babies are ...

Friday 21 May 04:08am

shanwil replied to topic Do you have babies close together? If so, what are your strategies.

Hi I have two babies 20 months apart... I agree with all of the above, just one thing I wanted to say, when baby #2 comes along be careful people don't try to take baby #1 all the time. I have ha...

Wednesday 10 February 04:56pm

shanwil replied to topic With Great Sadness

Thinking of you all at this very sad time. Shan.

Monday 25 January 03:01pm

shanwil replied to topic When did you start showing?

I was 12 weeks and while on holiday in London a bus driver asked me when I was due. So I was obviously showing at that stage. Second pregnancy was the same, I know I was showing at 12 weeks scan.

Wednesday 13 January 07:00pm

shanwil replied to topic exhausted!!!!! no time for myself at all

Hey, I know EXACTLY how you are feeling..... having two kids is a huge change from having just one, and its easy for everything to get on top of you then feel depressed and upset. I wouldn't say ...

Wednesday 13 January 06:55pm

shanwil replied to topic Can u name your child something u dont intend to use

we called our little girl Charlotte as we had wanted to call her Charlie but felt it wasn't a good name for when she grew up. We now she is hear we are only calling her charlotte anyways!! I love A...

Sunday 10 January 04:46pm

shanwil replied to topic i need unbiased opinions

I have a Matilda Jane so obviously thats my first pick! Don't like the two Js together... Phoebe quite nice though.

Tuesday 15 December 06:29pm

shanwil replied to topic My name is Kylie and I;m a chocoholic!

well done kylie the first step is admitting your addiction!!!!!! The drug of my choice is sugar.... chocolate, sweet biscuits, more chocolate, cream cakes, icecream, coke, anything with sugar. I ...

Friday 11 December 07:42pm

shanwil started new topic My bundle is here....

Charlotte Rose born 2 december, 9am, weighing 8 pound. 9 hour labour with a few complications towards the end, but all turned out well. She is a beautiful little thing and we are very happy! Shan...

Friday 11 December 07:27pm

shanwil replied to topic finally she is here!!

Fantastic news! Congratulations. 2 hours labour you lucky thing! Hope you are enjoying your little girl!

Friday 11 December 07:25pm

shanwil replied to topic sixth sense?????

Hi Girls, My toddler not so intuitive after all. Charlotte Rose was born on Wednesday 2 december and yes... she was a girl! Take care.

Friday 11 December 07:22pm

shanwil replied to topic holding belly together after pregnancy

Thanks guys, I ended up buying a belly bandit online so I shall see how that goes.

Wednesday 02 December 12:49pm
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