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angel_one replied to topic living on one income

melly, i know what you mean!! so hard to stop isnt it! we currently live only on my husbands income for a little while longer till my business takes off!! but we came accross this brillant thing...

Tuesday 31 May 10:14pm

angel_one replied to topic Joining avon

aprilsmum, i have been an avon rep for just over 6 months and in my first few , i was only working on getting the free set of cutlrey, but now i am really getting into it, i figured out that last ...

Sunday 17 April 02:22pm

angel_one started new topic how long does it take for us (aust) to get the products available in the US??

hi all, i have a friend in the us who is showing me all her cool new huggies baby products, such as the bath mitts and liquid baby powder!! does any one know when we get these products here in a...

Sunday 17 April 02:17pm

angel_one replied to topic Where is everyone from?

hey anna , im from mackay, currently living in glenden(boring!!!!!!) lol , i have a little girl who is almost 18 months old. and we hopefully have one on the way! (fingers crossed) . my email is ...

Tuesday 01 February 07:34pm

angel_one replied to topic Getting the nappy bag smaller

oh baby bags, what a pain in the butt!! lol when the day finally came to give up my loyal handbag for the wonderfull nappy bag - which was always full of suprises! was the worst part , to go fr...

Tuesday 01 February 06:33pm

angel_one replied to topic Toddler Beds

ok i have a friend with a 3 year old and a well nearly 1 year old , the baby has never been in a cot, she was co sleeping with mum and dad at first and now sleeps on a matress on the floor - and as...

Tuesday 01 February 06:08pm

angel_one replied to topic Stride to ride

we looked at the fisher price stride to ride thing for our daughter and then my mil said she would get her one, well the ****** woman came back with one of those wodden trolly things with the block...

Tuesday 01 February 05:49pm

angel_one replied to topic Mums of messy toddlers / rechargeable vacs.

Kristina, well after 3 months of crushed biscuits thoughout our new house (that has carpet thoughout) and getting sick of pulling out the big vaC ONCE A day i just brought myself a little wet dry ...

Tuesday 01 February 05:38pm

angel_one replied to topic I was told not to give sausages, sausage rolls and nestle yoghurt

wow, i really dont see the problem with these foods, my dd eats what we eat for dinner -unless its steak and then she will have a sausage and that can be up to 2 times a week, she also has been eat...

Tuesday 01 February 05:17pm

angel_one replied to topic So proud!!

oh yeah, hey lyndal i was like reading your post and i was thinking man you sound like you were talking about my dh cousins baby, she is also 18months old, and her name is maddison - how cool is that!

Tuesday 01 February 05:01pm

angel_one replied to topic So proud!!

wow, i could go on forever about my proud moments with my daughter, we had a great morning today, she is 18months old and as we were driving home from daycare -she was actually talking, and making ...

Tuesday 01 February 04:59pm
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