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hi meganb, sorry to hear about your little girl getting sick, can i ask what happened?

my ds is 10 weeks old and i too have been trying to follow the sos routine. my problem is i cant keep him awake for the recommended time espesially after the first feed in the morning. i have now started to modify the routine to his natural sleeping habits, and is so much better. i accept that he will only have a 40min sleep in the morning but will then sleep for 3 hours at lunch time. i think dont stress out too much if the timing isnt exact do what suits you and your baby, some can stay up alot longer than others.

hi abbey, thats great about sleeping thru the night. feels good doesnt it to get a bit of sleep. as to during the day, maybe you could try putting her in the pram and going for a walk. this works for me when my DS hasnt had enough sleep. hope this helps a bit.

yep, great book. im trialling it now on my 10week old. the only problem is i cant seem to keep him up as long as the routine says. any ideas on how to keep him up longer? at the moment he is still catnapping through the day. any advice would be greatly appreciated.

hi kylie, thanks for your response. i cant seem to get on that site. is the spelling correct?

hi cindy, my names kathy we live close by in south hurstville. sounds great! any preferance?

any mums in the hurstville area that want to meet up for coffee/walks etc? you can email me at

if theres any mums out there that want to start a mums group in sydney, anywhere in the st george area let us know.