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thanks for the reply joy3, i will check it out.

Im so sorry liv it up, some people just dont deserve to live in society with the rest of us. what a cruel thing to say! i think i would have punched her out.

Does anyone know of a good place to get organic foods in sydney. i find that the supermarkets dont seem to carry a very large variety.

I have just connected to optus they have a great deal. $69 a month and that includes internet and home phone, free local calls, free national calls and free to optus mobiles. i think its great and there are no line rentals or excess usage fees.

people (are) trying to offer some advice to some one that has asked for it? No one on here has said that walkers are evil. you voiced your opinion and others have the right to do so too. [Edited on 20/11/2007 by Alison]

Hi mumo2, the CHN told us that walkers did interfere with bubs crawling as they are not having the opportunity to learn to crawl. They dont recommend them for this reason, as crawling is an important development for them. maybe leave her out of it for a while. hope this helps.

you could try

How annoying is it? I am up against this with every bday party. I always end up being nice and accepting all the crappy explanations but i would love to say NO UR TOO LATE! just once. people are so bloody inconsiderate. I think for your kids sake maybe just be nice and give them a call if they havnt rung.

hi jules , i thnk there are tests out there that u can do 3 or 4 days earier. i used one of these and were accurate. good luck

i'm still waiting to get mine!!! but after reading all the posts in here, im really not very interested now