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nah! df has got the pram in the back of his car, so we're housebound today, wat about u?

Absolutely! im ordering a full time one of these next time round lol!

mary, theyre all the names i love! if i had a girl it would be isabella, bella for short.

must be something in the air today loving it, my ds has been great today too! had a 2.5hr nap this morning, has just had lunch and is quite happy sitting there playing. if only every day was like today...

i totally agree jennaLJ, someone should be doing something for those poor kids. they didnt get asked to be born in such an appalling environment, makes me sick.

when parents are oblivious to what their kids are doing drives me crazy. im like you, if it was my kid doing the picking on they wouldnt be getting away with it.

im the same as you, i have stepped in because as a mum you just want to protect your kids and i think its just a natural reaction. i think as they get older sometimes you just have to wait and see how they handle it on their own first. its hard though

watsons bay is close to bondi, and home of the notorious Gap! also you should try and get to bondi beach for a look. umm... thinking of some more

public transport is pretty good, trains buses and ferries. there is also those open double decker tourist buses that take you to all the attractions.

watsons bay is gorgeous, and lots of nice places to eat right on the water. there is a direct factory outlet in homebush for shopping. where are you staying?