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hi guys, i need to get a credit card but because my credit was shot in the past im having a bit of trouble getting one. can anyone suggest any lenders that are easier to get one from? thanks ladies

sounds good, im in.

in one word, terrified. but also very blessed! it may seem very daunting at the moment but we are pretty tough and cope with most things that come our way. and you will have 9months to get back on your feet. these things dont always happen the way we plan them and we have to deal with it as best we can.

LMAO teapot!

thanks trace, yep i downloaded the forms from family law court website.

thanks jodie, ill have a look on their website

does anyone know where i can get a copy of my divorce certificate? cause i'm pretty sure i need this b4 df and i can lodge papers to get married right? thanks

yeh they're great, thats what i was using but it has beccome harder to find at my supermarkets, so i have been using Jalna natural yoghurt. its so frustrating because nearly all of the yoghurts on the shelf are 99% fat free.

i started my ds baby yoghurt at 6.5mths, and the CHN said you can give them normal plain yoghurt instead. thats what i give him now.Aldi have some flavoured organic yoghurt, i bought some the other day but havent tried it yet.

what about sabrina (my dd's name), faith, angel, heaven or u could follow the celebs and call her after a fruit lol!