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Hello there... I am desperately seeking a new place to live with my 14 month old son. My partner left me and i cannot afford to rent as the prices of rental properties are crazy and as i am not currently working it makes it a bit hard for me to rent on my own... If there is anyone out there in the Earlwood/Canterbury area and in a similar situation with a spare room or two pls let me know.

hi...I'm a single mum of a 14 month old baby boy. Just wondering if there was anyone in the area that would like to meet up for a chat...kinda like a support network or something????

Hello there... I live in Earlwood, which is quite close to Kingsgrove. There's a great pre-school called Clemton Park pre-school. It's attached to Clemton Park public school and it excellent. My son is only 14 months, but i already have him enrolled there for when he turns 3. Both my sisters [twins, now 12years old] and my brother [now 16 years old] went there. They then went on to Clemton Park Public School, so it was great because most of the kids go onto the school after pre-school, which is wonderful as they all get to remain friends.

Hi... You know, when i think about it, he's always been a bit fussy with his minute he'll like something i make and if i make it again for him in a couple of days, he wont eat it. I just cant work him out sometimes! I've only just started him on the S26 toddler gold and i only really give it to him if he doesnt eat. I do have set times for his meals, which i try to stick with, unless i'm out doing things. I even sit and try to eat the same food as him, but this doesnt even work! Maybe i should stop giving him the formula and see what happens, i'm pretty sure it will be the same as it's only been about 1 week since i've been giving him the formula, but i'll see how i go. Geez i hope he wont be a fussy eater for ever!

My son is now 14 months old and he is such a fussy eater. I go to so much trouble preparing him nice, healthy meals and when i try to feed him, he refuses to eat it! I have been trying to make the food more like finger food so that he can feed himself, but he usually throws it all on the floor! I dont know what to do with him...and i'm worried about his health. I do give him S26 Toddler Gold and he will drink this by the gallon if i let him....does anyone else have the same problem or ideas????

My little boy is 14 months old and a bid sick with a cold at the moment....I remember when i was a little girl, mum used to put a couple of drops of Eucalyptus oil in the bath for my blocked nose....does anyone do that for their babies anymore? Maybe he's a bit young, I'm worried that the oil will do into his skin.

My partner left me yesterday and has quit his job, therefore i will not be getting any child support from him. I will not be able to afford the rent on my own as i am not currently working. Does anyone know if there is a website or something for single parents seeking share accommodation with other single parents. I'm sure i saw something not long ago on the news.

I am going for a day stay at Tresillian next week...can anyone tell me how it all works regarding getting baby to settle?

My baby is now 11 months and he has been sleeping with me in my bed snce he was 7 months....he's never really been a good sleeper and i got so tired of getting up in the night that i just got lazy and popped him in the bed with me and hung my boob out for him to have a little drink during the night and i am really OVER it now. I am still breastfeeding and this is the only way that i can get him to sleep. I am trying to get him onto a bottle of half milk/formula but he's not too keen on it...I was thinking of going to one of those sleep place to get some help. Does anyone have any good ideas. I have tried puttin him in his cot but he just goes mental and i really dont like to let him cry too much...

Oh geez...I'm getting on that pill right away! I love being a mum, but i dont feel ready for another one right now! Did you get your period at all before you became pregnant?