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I'm just curious to see if there are any mums here with half indigenous baby's... My son is half Torres Strait Islander. Just wanted to share some stories and ge some advice on life.

I'm just curious to see if there are any mums here with half indigenous baby's... My son is half Torres Strait Islander.

Yes i did know that...Aparently she smiled alot when she was a baby and her dad would call her smiley...which then got shortened to miley, hence the name that sticked. I think you really are a Miley fan at's ok to admit it lol...

There was a Hannah Montana marathon a couple of weeks ago on foxtel. I dont actually have foxtel but mum does so i went over and got her to watch Xavier for me while i sat and watch a whole day of it...mum kept saying "Laura, when are you gonna grow up, your 28 years old and your sitting here watching the Disney Channel" I guess i'm a big kid at heart...i never wanted to grow up...maybe there's something wrong with me.

Actually thats the thing i find funny about her. i love listening to the way she talks...after Hannah Montana is over i try to talk like that for the rest of the day lol.

I'm a single mum with a 16 month old boy. I split with my ex 4 months ago and it was the best thing i have ever done. It was a bit easier for me coz i kicked him out. The place we lived in was in my name. You can do me. It is hard at first but as you get into a routine it becomes easier.

Oh i dont feel so bad now...she's great isnt she! the show is so funny...make me laugh.

Well he's not really an's a really long story. We were sleeping together for years...we had other partners in between but we always found our way back to eachother...this has been going on now for about 6 years...sometimes i think we are meant to be...but as i said, its a really long story, but we are still really good friends.

OMG, how can you not like Miley...i'm 28 and a huge fan [very sad i know]...i look forward to 8.20 sat mornings coz Hannah Montana is on, channel 7 Disney. I have been watching it for about a year now! OK...i need to go get myself a life

I am a single mum of a 16 month old boy. I split up with my ex [very long story] about 4 months ago and have not been interested in other men. I have lost about 10 kgs and i must say, i am looking damn good lately...I'm really taking care of myself. Anyways i have had a few interested guys lately but the problem is i'm kinda scared to have relations with someone [i havnt been with anyone since the ex]. I'm not looking to get involved with anyone serious coz i'm too busy with my son and dont trust anyone to come into his life yet...i devote my 100% time into him and want to keep it that way for a while. Anyways my ex [not my sons father, a different ex from many years ago] is out at the football and lately we have me txting flirty msgs and he said that he wants to come past after being out for a bit with the mates....'s like i kinda want him to come but i'm scared or's a feeling i cant explain! What do i do...i have not done any maintenance on myself [if you g...