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Tell me about it...Usually i'd be reading right now but i want to take more time reading it coz i dont want to finish...i honestly feel as though i'm a character in the book....think i've lost it over this damn book...just wondering if anyone has actually seen the movie...i've kinda been putting it off coz i'm worried that it wont be as good as the book and i dont want it to spoil the images and personalities i have for each character...

Jac*Mai*Mia...Yeh you better wait till the kiddies are back at school to start...but TRUST it! it's great. I'm almost 29 and i'm inlove with one of the main characters...too funny!!! But's very good.

Hey.... Well i've never really been a reader, however my 12 year old sister lent me the book "Twilight" and OMG i have turned into the biggest bookworm ever!! Anyways it's a very good read...there is 3 other books in the series "New Moon" "Eclipse" and "Breaking Dawn" I'm already up to Eclipse and i'm loving it...i feel like a 15 year old girl again...and i cant wait to see Twilight at the movies....just gotta get someone to babysit for me...

OMG...YES. I got pregnant on the pill, however i guess you could say that it was my fault... I had been on the pill for around 3 years [non-stop]. When i went to the chemist to fill the scrip they asked me if i wanted to go for a cheaper brand [as the brand of pill i was on was supposed to help with pimples] my face had cleared up i decided to try the cheaper brand. So the next period i got, i switched over. i didnt think to use protection as the chemist explained to me that there is the same hormones in this pill so i didnt think to even use anything [condoms]. Anyways when i didnt get my period the next month i just put it down to the new pill etc. I then started feeling sick and light headed. I went to the doc and explained my symptoms. I told her about the pill change and she said that she wanted to do a pregnancy test just to rule it out. The poor doc, i actually argued with her, telling her that i'm not pregnant. I ended up doing 3 urine tests [all positive] but i still d...

My little boy, Xavier is 18 months old today and i just wanted to say how much i love him and how proud i am of him.... I am a single and his dad split up almost 6 months ago and it's been tough. His dad no longer has access to him [long story]...but i will always love and protect my son from bad influences...he is my little angel boy. Mwwah Mwwah mumma loves you Xavier [Edited on 01/10/2008]

Just wanted to say that my ex's new girlfriend is such a freaken insecure psycho...she wont leave me alone. I have nothing to do with my ex, i cant stand the sight of him and i have recently stopped him from seeing our son coz he drinks, takes drugs and is abusive towards me... but the last couple of days she wont stop txting me telling me to get out of his life...the funny thing is, i cant remember the last time i called him!! I dunno, maybe he is telling her that i am calling him or something... I think she is trying to cause trouble for me, she has told him all sorts of stuff.... Anyways, i have had jack of it today so i disconnected my mobile number and got a new one that he and she will never get a hold of!!! I'm just so OVER it!!! goes. I just need some advice from outsiders that don’t know me or my sons father. I split with my sons dad nearly 6 months ago now because he was not doing the right thing my me and his son…to cut a long story short, he would go out every weekend on a Friday night and not return home until Monday morning. He would drink and take drugs. He lost his job about 12 months ago because he was always too hung over to go and got very lazy just laying around on the lounge all day. He didn’t ever help me with his son and I was supporting our family by myself plus being a fulltime mum. He ended up joining a bikie gang and started to sell drugs and do other criminal acts to make money to go out and party. I had a feeling that he was being unfaithful to me and I caught him out one day. I finally had enough and realised that I didn’t want my son growing up in this environment. I asked him to leave and he did. About 6 weeks after he left he had to move away to QLD [I live in NSW] as he ha...

i dont have a i have to go to a website to do it

i'm super cool and awsome.... lol

Can someone pls tell me how you get the photo's down the bottom of your posts???