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oh sorry i'm not talking about the Jeans for Genes ones...they have a new style out, which is replacing the the old ones...they are saying that they are "new improved" but honestly i dont like them...i dont think they hold as much or something!!

I recently bought the new design Huggies nappies and have found that they are not as good as the old style... My son is almost 2.5 years and toilet training at the moment...i only use the Huggies (Junior) nappies for bed time and ever since i bought the packet of these new ones i have had to change him 3 times per night as they fill up pretty quickly...What is going on?? he sleeps approx. 12 hours straight and very rarely needed a nappy change through the night...I am not happy about this!! Anyone else notice the difference in the nappies??

Thanks for that info. I've just been freaking out cause my "friend" keeps dropping hints...he is very affectionate and definitely does eye contact and he is quite clever - he can count to 10 by himself and can say the ABC up to P...he has lots of friends at daycare etc! He only goes to daycare 2 days per week and 1 day he spends half the day with my mum...i play with him heaps and we cuddle, talk, sing songs and read books etc Also another thing my friend thinks is not right about my son is that he very rarely cries if he falls over, bumps his head etc...he does cry if he really hurts himself but other times he just gets up and keeps going...i try not to make too much of a fuss when he falls over etc...her son cries about everything and she runs and give him panadol and makes the biggest fuss if he falls over or bumps his head, maybe this is why....i dont know, she is really starting to Pi** me off!!

My son is 2 years 4 months and he is really really naughty!! My friend keeps dropping hints to me that he has autism tendencies and i dont know if i should take her seriously. He is always running away from me! I'm serious, he just runs and doesn't care, i tell him to stop he just screams at me! he walks through the shops and hits random people as he walks and doesnt care. The other day the daycare teacher told me he has been really rough lately and when she tells him to stop he will not! you have to physically go over to him to make him stop doing something that he shouldn't be doing!! This is just a brief description of what he does. I don't know, maybe it's just the terrible 2's coming out in him but it's really getting me down and i'm so exhausted. I'm a single mum (father he moved away completely and we havnt seen him in almost 1 year), i work part time and studying at TAFE!! Do they diagnose autism this early??

There is play dough stuck all over my bloody carpet! i have tried getting it off but it just kind of gets further into the carpet..pls help!

Just wondering how long u have to wait to be housed in a Department of Housing place? I'm a single mumma of 1 working p/t..i've been on the list for 2 years now, but really struggling with the price of sydney rent.... I think the wait is like 10 years or something...

Unfortunately i didn't get his face on film and i'd hate to see what he would have done to me if he saw me filming right up in his face, i was had all this things going on in my head...i was so scared that he would have got my car open and tried to get my son or something..he was in such a fit of rage!!

yeh..i'm going to call child services in the morning and see what they say, there may be some other complaints out on this's worth a try.

Today i was driving along with my mum and 2 year old son in the car. I noticed the car in front of me was swerving a bit in his i got closer to him i noticed that he was bashing someone/thing in the back seat of the car as he was driving. I kept driving behind and he kept doing for about 3 blocks. Then the car came to a stop at the red lights, he stopped hitting the at whoever was in the back but you could see him screaming, then a little child jumped up and looked out the back window she was crying and putting her hands up to the window..mum and i could not believe out eyes. Mum wanted to get out of the car and confront him but i wouldnt let her. I got my phone out and started filming for about 2 mins as we continued to drive. I was still behind him when we stopped again at more traffic lights. He then got out of the car and came up to my car and started screaming at me saying "why the F%$# are u taking pics of me" etc etc using the most filthiest language. I wound up my ...

just go ahead and pay for's her problem! if it goes missing in the post it would be a little sus and you can take things further...yeh i reckon she was expecting more for it...