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yes pls can u send me that info. thankyou so much

WOW...i always thought that depression was something that ppl always had, like their genetic make up and i've always been such a happy person....i really feel so silly but your right, i'm going to the doctor tomorrow and sort this all out, i hate living like this, i hate feeling like this...thanks for ur advice...

I feel ridiculous going to see the doctor....there are ppl with so many REAL problems, i dont want to waste anyones life isnt bad. I'm a single mum with a great but full on little boy.

Do you think i have depression? Ive never been like this before and it is really annoying me....I watched New Moon last week and also went to see Britney (I know this sounds really really dumb that i dont even want to admit it) and as soon as it was all over i was uncontrollably SAD and i'm still feeling that way, it's on my mind constantly and i just cannot shake it!! i joined the gym and go when i'm feeling this way but it doesnt help, i just wanna go to bed and when i wake up i just cry for no reason, i'm actually stating to get the shits with myself!

For the past few years i have had these periods of horrible horrible sadness over really stupid things. Any normal time i am completely fine, i have always been the happy-go-lucky sort of person and not too many things bother me! Whenever there is an event that i'm looking forward to, i get sooo excited. I then have a really good time and once it's over i feel like crap! I cant stop thinking about it and i cry and cry and cry...sometimes i cant even get out of bed, i feel so childish and i make myself feel worse coz i'm trying so hard to snap out of this mood! It even happens with little things eg. if i finish a really good book or i see a movie that i've been waiting to see (New Moon he he he) and last week i went to see Britney Spears and once it was all over i couldnt get out of bed for 2 days!! What is wrong with me? Should i seek help or am i just being stupid?? Pls help, does anyone else get these feelings?

It's a can see the pink balloons in the background in the adds!!

OMG OMG OMG Team Jacob all the way!! I read the books almost 2 years ago! way way before all the hype! I'm not at all a big reader, but these books i read within a week! I just couldnt put them down!! I guess they are not for everyone, but i really enjoyed them...very silly i know, but i actually feel as though i'm part of the book while i'm reading it!! Twilight was made pretty poor and the acting was not so good, but there is a new director for New Moon and it's really stepped up.....I LOVE IT!!

Yes the old ones were much better...and i have noticed they are alot thinner and they dont seem to hold as much as they used to.....

yes yes yes...the new contour shaped ones, you are right, they are shaped like a high cut bikini (ha ha ha)... i will sent a complaint to Huggies, but it looks like it's not all people having the problem so i dont know!! I'll see how i go!!

The Jeans for Genes nappies were the regular nappies...but they were soooo very cute!! You should cross your fingers that you dont get the "new improved" ones !!!