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moo*baa*lalala I only work 3 days per week during school terms 9am to 3pm the other 2 days i do volunteer work....I dont get the full single parent pension as i am earning an income. Yes my rent is very expensive, i live in a one bedroom apartment in sydney (inner west), $300 per week and that's pretty much the cheapest rent around here! i have considered moving but this is where my family and friends live and i need the support of them close by, plus my work is local, my sons childcare is local and the TAFE that i attend is local! As i have been saying, i dont desperately need housing but i still do qualify!! I am on the list but i know that i will never get an offer because i know others that have been on the list for over 10 years!

*Frankie*.....I did say in a follow up post that i am doing ok and i dont need housing desperately, I was actually thinking of other ppl i know that are really really desperate!! The last couple of years have been really tough and i'm just getting myself back on my feet!! The lady that i'm talking about that got the housing i know is not in a desperate state, i have known her for a few months and our children are little friends. She wears nothing but designer clothing and jewelry and a few weeks ago she bought got a brand new jeep (i believe there's some illegal activity going on)!! I am extremely proud of myself and feel good that i'm doing it with minimal assistance from the government but i do struggle to pay my bills and i do go without essentials quite often!! I actually have to have some surgery but i'm on yet another wait list, it's not urgent/ life threatening but i am in alot of pain but i still have to get up in the morning and go off to work etc

Ok people so i think we should all write a complaint email to huggies about the infant and newborn barcodes!! I dont think thats fair...we actually pay more for the bigger nappies and go through more so why should be not be able to use these one!! grrrrr

I talking about the "government" Rudd government, Howard government....they are all the same. We are very lucky to be born into Australia but i believe it's the luck of the draw!! You may think i'm narrow minded but this is how i feel, i'm all for this multiculturalism but i think that we should only be allowing ppl into this county if they can give back and contribute to our economy and not become another statistic!! I agree that i dont really know what their situation is etc but what about my situation and other Australian born ppl that are really doing it tough....i spent a few months in a shelter and i know a lady that has 3 kids and she has been living in a shared womens shelter for over 18 months now, she is on the priority housing list the whole time and where's her house!! I'm not doing so bad now and it's not a priority that i get a place coz i work hard paid and whole feeling is that i feel a little disappointed in the way things are!!

oh wow....i have like 100 huggies barcodes saved up...does anyone need any??

bridie-jo....I have nothing against these ppl as i said but i cannot understand why the government allows people who become Australian citizens to claim benefits straight away!! i think that if ppl are becoming citizens they should have jobs and be able to support themselves!! Also the lady that got offered government housing cannot be too hard off, she drives a nice car (that i know belongs to her) and she's very well dressed with designer clothes, jewelry and watches...also her little boy is always wearing the best of the best too.....

a nice Tiffany bracelet and engrave something that she will always be able to keep and she can add different charms to it as like goes by to remind her of special occasions!!

Plus i also do emergency foster care, so i'm not lazy and i give back big time to the community!! Grrrr just feeling really angry!!

SO.....i was dropping my son off at daycare on Monday morning and started to have a chat with one of the other mums there, she told me that she just got offered a department of housing place etc etc, I asked her how long she was on the list and she said that she's been on the waitlist for around 9 months and she was pretty happy cause she's only been in Australia for 18 months with a 12 month old son....i was like, WTF....I've been on the dept of housing waitlist for like 3 years and i know of other struggling families that have been on the list for over 6 yrs and yep NOTHING!! Then i went into centrelink to see someone about my childcare benefit and there was a man next to me that just got his Australian citizenship last Friday and he was in there first thing Monday morning to apply for unemployment benefits...he couldnt speak a word or English and had an interpreter. Just letting you all know that i'm not in any way a racist person and have nothing against these people but i do n...

Well I'm tuning the big 3-0 tomorrow and i'm feeling so down!! I really dont want to celebrate but all my friends and family are pushing and pushing for me to do something....i really feel as though turning 30 is not something to celebrate!! I feel as though i'm running out of time or something!! weird, i know!! I'm a single mum with a 2.5 year old, which pretty takes up all my time and i dont get much help...i also suffer from depression (this has been going on for the past 6 months).... Does anyone know how to skip their b'day ha ha ha