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I'm posting in this section because I'm hoping for responses. I'm really scared for my baby and hoping for experiences from other people. I'm 14 weeks pregnant and my dr has found an invasive basal cell carcinoma on the bridge of my nose. Because of where it is, I need to see a plastic surgeon to have it removed and it's apparently not a minor thing to do. My appointment with the surgeon is next week. After I see him, I'll talk to my obstetrician but in the meantime I'm freaking out about the safety of my baby. Worried about anaesthetic, infection, any medications they give me I've had a bad year with a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks last September and two miscarriages at 4 weeks. I feel really sick with worry at the moment. Has anyone been in this situation or something similar? Any feedback would be helpful. Thank you

Congratulations on your pregnancy I've had a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks, and 2 at 4 weeks. Currently pregnant - 14 weeks. Yes, I also experienced period type cramps early pregnancy too (normal) and was fine - no blood. Hopefully your pains are just the normal type of pregnancy pains. Ask your GP to test your thyroid levels too. Good luck with your pregnancy.

Hello, Try not to worry Not that I am an expert but 3.3 seems to be ok. The normal range is up to 5 although others say up to 3 is normal. It's great that you are on thyroxine and you should be fine - just keep taking your medication and make sure you go for your blood tests and check ups. As I understand it, babies could have problems if thyroid problems AREN'T treated. My thyroid levels have slowly been rising (even before I was pregnant). My last result before medication was 4.97 and I was 8 weeks pregnant then. My GP is one who believes that up to 5 is normal and thyoxine was not necessary at that point in time. (I have had a miscarriage at 12 weeks and two other miscarriages at 4 weeks). Luckily I saw an obstetrician early on who promptly referred me on to an endocrinologist. He said my GP is partly right and partly wrong. If I wasn't pregnant, then he wouldn't have put me on medication yet and just monitored me. BUT because I am pregnant, he said I should be on thyroxin...

Totally agree. I always go by look also. Thanks everyone. I'm like that as well, and when in doubt throw it away. Just after reassurance that I'm doing the right thing by chucking it. I should have frozen it straight away. Feeling really bad cos DH made it Sunday night and we didn't get to eat it Mon or Tues. I'm really angry at myself cos he went to the effort of cooking it plus it's such a waste because i forgot to freeze it. Thanks for your input!

How long do cooked vegies last in the fridge? Like a chunky soup that was made on Sunday. Would it be ok to eat tonight? There are lentils in it too. Thanks in advance!

firstly congrats on the pregnancy! I remember you from when I was TTC so i am so happy you got a BFP but sorry you are a bit stressed and worried. with this pregnancy I had absolutely NO sore boobs till a week ago when they started getting slightly tender on the sides so not everyone or every pregnancy will have tender breasts early on. I wish you all the luck in the world and hope you have a smooth pregnancy. Hello mum2hayden+1ontheway I remember you too! At one point I think we were at the same stage of our cycles. I see that you are pregnant too. A big congrats to you as well I hope you have a smooth pregnancy as well.xo

How did your scan go today? Thanks Snowflake and everyone who responded to my post for caring and sharing your experiences with me. It helped a lot. Particularly as only my husband and Mum know I'm pregnant - I'm not telling anyone until after 12 week scan. So all of your support was great Thank you So, I am a WorryWort roll eyes The scan went well I'm 7 weeks, 5 days and great heartbeat 165 beats. So relieved and happy (for now!) Now just hanging out for next scan. I was panicking last night because yesterday i didn't feel pregnant anymore. My breasts were soft, I wasn't urinating as often and not feeling any nausea. So I was VERY happy to see that heartbeat. I have a bit of a thyroid issue. My TSH levels are on the very high end of normal. If I wasn't pregnant, I wouldn't need medication at this stage - just monitoring. However since I'm pregnant, today I've been prescribed medication because it's better for my baby that I do. So I've been worried that my thyroid had be...

Thanks for your responses. With my first pregnancy, I was blissfully ignorant on what could go wrong. Same with my second pregnancy until the shock of finding out our baby died at the 12 week scan. Now with this pregnancy, each day/week is really hard. Hopefully I will get some reassurance tomorrow with the scan.

I'm nearly 7 1/2 weeks pregnant. I thought my breasts were starting to feel a little bit heavier last week and now they feel 'normal'. They don't feel sore at all. Tomorrow I'm going for a scan but I've just started feeling really anxious that maybe they won't find a heartbeat. I had a missed miscarriage in September last year and my baby died at 12 weeks. Has anyone not had heavy/tender breasts at 7 weeks? Thanks!

I remember Elisa here on Huggies. I am so incredibly saddened to hear of her passing. I am sorry for your loss and that of her family. xox