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Hi, I'm 21 weeks pregnant too and also get the leg cramps during the night. What I have found is that they occur when I stretch out my legs and point my toes down! As soon as I realise I'm doing this (ie pain!!) I immediately stop flexing my toes and stretch so that my feet are stretched the opposite way (ie towards me) Does that make sense? Hard to describe! I find the pain stops straight away. I've also heard that eating bananas (potassium) helps with the cramps.

Awww I'm sorry to hear that. I had bad glue ear as a child. Mum and Dad thought I was always being naughty - but I couldn't hear them! Grommits sorted me out. So she's having the operation next week? Hope it all goes well for her and good luck to you too!

Hello, My son had a hearing test today. My DH took him so I can only describe what he told me. DH had to fill in a form regarding DS medical history. They then looked into his ear which had a camera (i think) - anyway it came up on the computer screen what inside his ear looked like. DS had some amazing scarring in there which looked like the shape of a star! He then put something in his ear which tested to see if the ear drums were doing what they were suppossed to do. Again, the results in the form of a graph was sent to the computer. Finally, he sat in a booth with some head phones on and he had to raise his hand when he heard a noise. Thankfully DS ears are fine and doing what they are supposed to do. The scarring hasn't affected his hearing. DS is 5 years old. He was quite happy and co-operative throughout the testing so he mustn't have felt any discomfort at all. My husband was given a copy of the results and they were also faxed to our GP. Good luck with her testing ...

Hello everyone, Just thought I'd pass on some tips for conceiving. I used to regularly read the posts in Planning for Pregnancy and sometimes posted in there. I know the heartache of each month going by with BFN. The painful TWW and the obsession with all thing relating to ovulation, ovulation testing, CM, conception, pregnancy tests. I spent a fortune on pregnancy tests!!! Also experienced 3 miscarriages - 1 at 12 weeks, the others at around 4 weeks. So anyway, I have been blessed with my pregnancy - now at 20 weeks. I just wanted to share what i did. You've probably done or are doing these things anyway but there may be something there for you. 1. Get your man on to Menevit. 2. I took Blackmores Conceive Well. 3. Ditch the ovulation tests where you try to work out if the line is the same as or darker than the control line. It did my head in! I eventually invested in the Clearblue Digital Ovulation Tests. Very pricy but it helped us. 4. If you notice CM (even if you haven'...

I think the best time to stop showering with your children is when either parent or child starts to feel uncomfortable. DH and I still shower with our DS who is 5. That said, I'm starting to stop showering with him - only because I'm pregnant and it's to squashy in the shower with him He has made comments about our private parts and his but it's just out of curiosity and we answer him honestly. At the moment he is amazed at how big my tummy is telling me that I eat too many sometimes foods! (lol - cheeky man)

hi everyone. im a first time mum to dd 11months. and my question is how do you go out and meet other mums when your a bit shy. ive been trying to get out and about, and meet other mums but i find it so hard. im not a highly sociable person and find it difficult to start conversations with people i dont know. im going to start going to a playgroup. any tips on how to start? I'm the same as you! My DS is 5 now and prior to him being born, I rarely socialised. I didn't want him ending up like me, so i forced myself to go to mother's group. Luckily I had a great group. What you will find is that you will have heaps to talk about - especially if there are mums with a similar age bub. Everyone generally talks about baby related stuff. I didn't have a lot in common with most of the mum's (one or 2 I did) but it wasn't a problem because everyone is friendly and once you keep going regularly, you'll get used to them (and them used to you). I'm still in contact with most of them (harder no...

Hi All I am such a worry wart and probably just need to chill out, i have not yet felt baby move. This is my second pregancy (first was a mc at 8 weeks), so i have been totally freaked out that the same thing is going to happen again. 12 week scan and test were all great. Everyone one on these forums seem to feel there babies at 14 weeks, so is there anyone else out there who had not felt anything until later on ??? Also does size make a difference, i am not a skinny gril, but am not huge either? Thanks Kat Hi Kat I'm sure everything is fine, but can totally understand the need to feel those kicks If it makes you feel any better .... this is my 3rd pregnancy but my second baby (i had a miscarriage at 12 weeks with the 2nd pregnancy). I'm 17 weeks pregnant and I haven't felt anything yet. I saw my obstetrician when I was 16 weeks and she has a small ultrasound machine - and I saw baby happily moving inside. So, hopefully I'll feel something soon too.

If I were in your position, I would either buy the bikini as the mum requested OR if I felt really strongly about not wanting to buy the bikini, I would buy her something entirely different for her birthday. Maybe buy her a new beach towel, cute beach bag, bucket/spade, goggles, floaties, sunhat for example. As for the issue of 4 year olds wearing bikinis - I had honestly never even though of it as an issue (well for that age group anyway). I'm 37 and I have heaps of photos of me and my sister in bikinis up until the age of 6 I think. I really don't think of it as a problem at that age. If I had a daughter I wouldn't put her in a bikini after the age of 6. In saying that though, if I did have a daughter, I'd probably have her in a rashy cos I'm paranoid about skin cancer. The more covered up she is the better

I'm 21 years old and trying for our second baby our first baby wasn't planned and I was on the pill and she is 3 now and we want a little brother or sister for her but we are having Trouble getting pregnant we have been trying since May now and my doctor doesn't seem to think there could be an issue as I've been pregnant I'm young and healthy so he won't do test but I am so stressed out now to the point where I can't sleep at night and it's just bringing me so far down that I feel so unhappy and more desprete then ever to have this baby I live being a mummy, since may I have had 2 miscarriages and still my doctor isn't concerned I don't know what to do anymore? What's wrong with me? Is anybody else having this problem? Have you have your thyroid levels checked? Might be worth asking your dr for this blood test (or try a different dr if you one isn't being helpful). Another thing that I found extrememly helpful are those Clearblue Ovulation kits (the digital ones that give you t...

Thank you so much for your response! I'm glad everything went well for you. You have given me a lot of reassurance. So frustrated with myself. I had it before I was pregnant. I thought it was a sore that wasn't healing (well it would seem to heal and then start bleeding again later) because I thought my glasses were rubbing against it. My glasses often get bent out of shape with the rough and tumble play with my son. Every now and then, I'd get them fixed and even the optometrist thought the sore was because of my glasses. Was just putting up with it until i could afford to buy some different ones. Luckily I have a good GP that said I needed a biopsy and today he told me what it was. It's not very big (well in my opinion) but needs to get dealt with. Warning to anyone reading this - do not ignore sores that don't seem to heal! Thanks so much for replying and sharing your experience.