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In 2011, so many of my friends and people that I knew had girls. I'm having a boy in April

Thanks C_hippie_kiwi I appreciate you sharing that with me. I am seeing my obstetrician and endo this week / and next week and will ask them also about it and also about getting my levels checked after the birth to make sure I'm getting the right amount of medication.

I have no advice for you, but thought I'd bump this up for you in hope someone can help you out. Thank you MT82, that was very kind and thoughtful of you

Hi, I'm nearly 30 weeks pregnant and am being treated for "hypothyroidism during pregnancy". I've recently heard that hypothyroidsim can cause low milk supply Has anyone had any experience with this? Anyone with hypothyroidism that didn't have a problem with supply. With DS, I had a fantastic supply but couldn't get the attachment right and had all sorts of problems and wasn't successful at breastfeeding. I really, really want to be successful this time and reading that I could have low milk supply due to hypothyroidism has gotten me down. Many thanks for your input.

Bootcamp is very intense. It's not something that I would risk doing whilst pregnant. If your trainer knew you were pregnant I'd doubt they would let you do it anyway. Exercise is good but not at bootcamp level.

The thing that annoys me most is that with private you have to pay for all the ultrasounds, blood tests and any other tests. In public you don't pay for any of that (expect I think the 12 week ultrasound as it is not considered essential). I don't see why private and public patients are treated differently for standard tests outside of hospital. My friend who went private for twins had to have heaps of ultrasounds towards the end of her pregnancy and it cost her a fortune but if she was public it would have all been free. I'm in NSW. I'm going private. My obstetrician asked if I wanted to have my ultrasounds at the public hospital (it's a teaching hospital) or at the private ultra sound place for women. I chose public and haven't had to pay for any of my ultrasounds (I've had a 7 week, 12 week, 19 week and about to have a 30 week one soon). I just had to pay for the 12 week blood test associated with the scan which was about $85 I think??? and got some back from Medicare. The ...

Hi, Get your DH on to Menevit. Great stuff. I hope you get your BFP soon.

I think it's rude not to acknowledge a gift. DH and I went to my cousins Wedding and we purchased gifts from their Myer Wedding register. We took the gifts to the reception. My sister and her partner also purchased throught the Wedding register but opted for them to organise delivery. Neither of us (nor our parents) received acknowledgment or a thankyou. I think it's VERY rude. My sister was wondering whether or not they actually received their gift. Then, my neice had an Engagement party. Gift vouchers were given. No acknowledgement or thank you (we're a close family too!) They just had their Wedding and are now on their honeymoon. We gave money as per their request. I'm not holding my breath for a Thank you. (And she and her husband are lovely, lovely people). Just wondering if it's a Gen Y thing or just rudeness?

With DS1 5 years ago, my GP asked me to do the wee test even after showing him my positive pregnancy test. With my current pregnancy, he (same GP) just sent me off to do a blood test. I showed him two positive HPT. Congratulations on your pregnancy

We're having a 2nd bub in April and very much need to get a different car - my little Mitsubishi Mirage won't be big enough. So, our budget is $10,000 and we're looking at buying a Holden Astra Wagon or Holden Astra hatcback - 2005 or 2006 model. Automatic. I've read a few reviews saying that the wagon automatic transmission is sluggish and not very good. Just wondering if anyone has owned either of these cars? If so, could you tell me your opinions on them (including space for prams etc) Many thanks