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RobinS replied to topic Is ur partner happy within their job

DH changed jobs at the start of the year, he's now only home on the weekends but is actually spending more time with us when he is home then he was, he hates the travel and being away but likes his...

Tuesday 19 June 02:19am

RobinS replied to topic Estranged Grandmother - please help

Thanks for replying guys, I only know the little that my other half knows (which is next to nothing at this stage) but his mother was the one to stop calling him, and he never had a number to call ...

Saturday 12 May 09:46am

RobinS started new topic Estranged Grandmother - please help

OK, my other half is from a "broken home" and hasn't seen his mother in close to 30 yrs and hasn't heard from her in 20yrs, he's recently met up with his half sister who has linked their mother wit...

Friday 11 May 10:09am

RobinS replied to topic Wedding Plans

Thanks for the support guys, I've decided just to plan the wedding the way I want and if anyone has a problem that's too bad for them, with the exception of DF who I'm hoping will be open to compri...

Monday 23 January 11:44am

RobinS replied to topic teaching kids to use cutlery

DS & DD1 have been feeding themselves since about 18 mnths, we just gave them the fork/spoon with their dinner and let them go, they both figured out pretty quickly but made a pretty big mess doing...

Monday 23 January 11:41am

RobinS replied to topic Feeling fragile tonight :(

Your allowed to be emotional & its very hard coping with being that far along and a toddler. She may feel a bit resentful of bub but then again she could surprise you too. I thought I was going t...

Saturday 21 January 12:22pm

RobinS replied to topic Which Hospital Gold Coast or Logan

I'm from out west (near longreach) & after having had 2 bubs at 36 weeks they wouldn't let me have my last bub there due to being declared a high risk, we ended up going to the Logan as we had a f...

Saturday 21 January 12:10pm

RobinS replied to topic Summer weddings

Absolutely beautiful. I'm just starting to plan ours for september/october of this year. finger crossed it'll turn out as well as yours did for you.

Saturday 21 January 11:59am

RobinS started new topic Wedding Plans

After almost 13 yrs & 3 kids DF and I have decided to finally make it official and get married, was chatting with my sister today about the plans I'm making - DH wants just us & 2 witnesses and has...

Saturday 21 January 11:51am

RobinS replied to topic a "joke"

Sorry guys but I agree with OC1246, yes it is a stupid idea but it has got people talking and to say that people can't make jokes etc about being pregnant because it might upset someone who's had a...

Thursday 08 September 12:18am

RobinS replied to topic Horse poo

To my knowledge there is no laws re: horse poo but it would depend on your local council,it would be pretty difficult to take it with you though, its not as if its easily transportable. Having sai...

Thursday 08 September 12:08am

RobinS replied to topic pregnancy and hormones in breast milk?

Don't think the hormones go through to bub, I never had any dramas with either of my first 2 suffering morning sickness but the taste of the milk does change, from what I understand it usually gets...

Thursday 08 September 12:03am

RobinS replied to topic Babies who don't crawl have difficulties reading

Dd asked me to teach her to write.... I would never push it or try and make her do it if she didn't want to. We started with her name - I would do the letters in dots first, and she would trace ov...

Wednesday 03 August 09:33am

RobinS replied to topic Head Lice

If you have a hair straightener after you've treated his hair go through it with that. the heat kills the eggs. The hair dryer is great for tracking the adults down as well. After trying severa...

Wednesday 03 August 09:26am

RobinS replied to topic Babies who don't crawl have difficulties reading

Well that theory doesn't apply to my child - she didn't crawl til 12 months because she was a chubby thing and couldn't be bothered. Once she did start crawling she walked by 13 months. She's 4 an...

Wednesday 03 August 01:43am

RobinS replied to topic Euthanasia

I think everyone should be given the choice about how they want to live their lives, it comes down to quality vs quantity & almost everyone deserves to die with some dignity (sorry but there are so...

Wednesday 03 August 01:41am

RobinS replied to topic Confused

Very small but it has been known to happen, definitely do another first wee test. Good luck and I hope you get the answer you want.

Wednesday 03 August 01:38am

RobinS replied to topic Vegies

My mum used to add a little bit of vegemite to our mashed vegies to get us to eat them, fortunately for me, my 3 haven't given me too much trouble so far (DD2 has only just started so we'll have to...

Wednesday 03 August 01:36am

RobinS replied to topic 4yo DS & no 2's

I couldn't believe it either, and unfortunately its the only one here so I don't have a choice about him going, guess we'll just have to stick with the reminding and see how we go. Thanks for the ...

Sunday 31 July 09:28pm

RobinS replied to topic Zumba

I haven't got the DVD's but I do have the WII game, I've found it to be a lot of fun and also found that DS & DD both enjoy it because they can 'dance' along with me, only problem I found is rememb...

Thursday 28 July 04:17am
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