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HC091A replied to topic Flying with a Newborn

Hi Jodie You haven't mentioned how long your flight is, but if it's a long one perhaps consider taking some expressed breast milk as well because altitude and cabin pressure may affect your supply...

Saturday 30 May 08:04pm

HC091A replied to topic Just A Thought

Hi Iron Butterfly- yes you're right, I did miss the main point of your post to an extent, to find a positive quality in partners. But I felt it was important to acknowledge the difficulty in what y...

Saturday 30 May 09:05am

HC091A replied to topic Just A Thought

Hi- I think perhaps the reason there are so few positive posts about relationships (without wishing to generalise) is because many of the people who need to post are not in situations that any of u...

Friday 29 May 03:02pm

HC091A started new topic is having second baby as exhausting as first?

Hi ladies For my first baby I packed books and magazines and had my husband bring the Age into hospital for me each day, but was so exhausted I couldn't do anything except sleep, feed my cherub an...

Tuesday 26 May 03:49pm

HC091A started new topic should a heavily-pregnant mum worry about toilet training toddler?

Hi ladies I'm 34 weeks pregnant, my cherub is 2 yrs 4 months and I have a bit of a bug up my bum about toilet training her- for no reason really other than I think she would be fine with it- she s...

Friday 22 May 01:42pm

HC091A replied to topic hip and leg pains

Hi Shelby As per pp what kind of pain is it- sharp, shooting? and where in your legs? If its throbbing pain low in your calves then perhaps try calcium and magnesium tablets- I used to get the wo...

Thursday 21 May 08:04pm

HC091A started new topic food safety during pregnancy

Hi ladies, with 6 weeks to go I'm doing a bit of a cull of all the paperwork you tend to collect during pregnancy, but before I chucked the above brochure I wanted to post it here cos I found it a ...

Wednesday 20 May 10:47am

HC091A started new topic cleaning laminex

Hi ladies, I use enjo on my benchtops (granite) which works beautifully but it doesn't seem to touch the laminate doors- they are streaky and watermarky (yes, I just made up a word!) Anyone have an...

Tuesday 19 May 08:52am

HC091A replied to topic oven cleaners

Hi Wendy Last year I worked in a hideous job for 7 months, and my present to myself was a miele kitchen, including a pyrolytic oven, so I don't use any cleaners at all. But between pyrolytic clean...

Tuesday 19 May 08:50am

HC091A replied to topic Mother inlaw issue.

Hi Renee Am going to go against the grain here and suggest that you don't say anything about this specific issue- the main reason being- what's the point? It won't change what happened, probably w...

Sunday 17 May 06:59am

HC091A replied to topic So Tired and Working - How do you cope?

Hi- I had horrendous morning sickness (all day sickness) for 12 weeks, it depends on your job/role as to what you can get away with, but I would go into the boardroom to 'research' whatever, put so...

Sunday 17 May 06:35am

HC091A replied to topic Boy or Girl? WDYT?

Hi- Raegan was one of King Lear's daughters so it's always feminine to me! Cheers Holly

Saturday 16 May 09:48am

HC091A replied to topic Newborns and the snow!!!

Hi- another question is how will a new family go up in the snow, or away for that matter? I know I didn't want to leave our house with my first even though we have a holiday house down the coast th...

Saturday 16 May 09:43am

HC091A replied to topic Baby bumb at 10 weeks????

Hi Jade I started showing with my first cherub at 9 weeks- and was convinced I was having twins, and was so relieved and surprised at my first ultrasound to see only 1... this time around I was sh...

Friday 15 May 06:37am

HC091A replied to topic So embarrased...

Hi- with both cherubs whenever I'm 10 mins away from needing a big poo (or even a little one, everything is so squashed up!) I get really sore cramps across my belly- one day in Kmart I had to lean...

Thursday 14 May 01:54pm

HC091A replied to topic help my milk is dwindling

hello, sorry for late reply but I hope this helps- as the pp have said try expressing to boost your supply, and if you don't have any other cherubs or demands on your time spend a day in bed with y...

Saturday 09 May 06:55pm

HC091A replied to topic expressing how long for?

Hi- I expressed daily (sometimes twice daily) for 9 months- I used to express for 20 minutes all up, but I would do 5 minutes each breast twice, if that makes sense? A lactation consultant suggeste...

Saturday 09 May 06:53pm

HC091A replied to topic Baby shower games

Hi- at mine my cousin filled a glass jar with jelly babies and people had to guess who many jelly babies in the jar, another was the game a pp mentioned- pass around a ball of wool to see who can g...

Friday 08 May 08:08am

HC091A replied to topic Leg Cramps and Sore Feet

HI- my first pregnancy I had leg cramps and aching calves and feet in the last couple of weeks, but this one they started around 28 weeks- 2 weeks ago I woke up screaming, I thought I'd been shot i...

Thursday 07 May 11:43am

HC091A replied to topic Just under the one week mark!

Hi Lottie You may be in labour as I write this! I know how you feel- with my cherub I even had the butchers saying haven't you had that baby yet?? As hard as it is to get comfortable, just try t...

Monday 04 May 08:55pm
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