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Loulou replied to topic Poo in the loo??

My DD was TT (wee) trained at 2.4 years, but poo on the loo was a different story. She was scared of the whole concept of doing a poo on the loo, even though she knew that's where they needed to go...

Wednesday 08 October 09:01pm

Loulou replied to topic how offten?

Hi, I'm toilet training my son at the moment - he is nearly 2.5 years. Every half hour or so I ask him to come sit on the toilet and have a wee. Sometime he does the tiniest wee, others alot and so...

Wednesday 08 October 08:52pm

Loulou replied to topic How much do your 2 yr olds weigh

My daughter is 2 yrs 9 mths and weighs 16kgs and is a metre tall.

Sunday 02 October 05:48pm

Loulou replied to topic Shoes for Toddlers

As long as they give good support around the toes and heels it doesn't really matter where you buy their shoes from. My daughter's first shoes were from Target, and now she has pairs from Kmart, T...

Thursday 25 November 02:18pm

Loulou replied to topic no teeth!!!!

You will probably find they all come through one after the other and he will have a mouth full of lovely white teeth before you know it.

Thursday 25 November 02:16pm

Loulou replied to topic Gaps between Bottom Teeth

My daughter also has small gaps between her teeth. Our dentist said this is quite normal with baby teeth as it allows the second teeth to come through easier.

Thursday 25 November 02:14pm

Loulou replied to topic Mum Northside Brisbane Lawnton

Hi everyone, I'm at Narangba and have lived here for nearly 5 years. I'm 30 years, married and we have one daughter, Ella, who is turning 2 next month. We will probably start trying for baby no. ...

Wednesday 17 November 09:31pm

Loulou replied to topic Northside mums and bubs coffee morning

Hi Ladies, I live at Narangba, am 30 years of age and our daughter Ella is just turning two. Would love to catch up with some other mums, my email is [email protected] if you would like to ema...

Wednesday 17 November 09:29pm

Loulou replied to topic 2yr old won't eat meat ??

My daughter occassionally will pick meat out of her dinner and sometimes will only eat the odd piece of it. I wouldn't be too concerned yet, hopefully it's just a stage that she will grow out of. ...

Thursday 04 November 10:07pm

Loulou replied to topic Sick and Tired of being told to use controlled crying!!!!

Trust me controlled crying does not work with every baby/child, I also have a wonderful daughter that no matter how hard I tried, she was persistent and cried until I gave in. I couldn't bring mys...

Thursday 04 November 10:04pm

Loulou replied to topic 2year old won't eat

You might have to get tough with her and stop the milk in a bottle. Milk is probably filling her up enough that she doesn't feel hungry to eat, she really should be drinking water especially now...

Saturday 30 October 07:54pm

Loulou replied to topic cows milk

Maybe you could try weaning her off formula slowly. If she won't co-operate that way you may need to try toddler formula as some children just don't like cows milk. Any age after 12 months you sh...

Saturday 30 October 07:01pm

Loulou replied to topic Mums in Taigum, Boondall, Chermside areas

Hi Jeanie, My daughter Ella is 22 months old and we live in Narangba. I'm 30 and a SAHM. If you would like to get together for a coffee, etc, just email me.

Saturday 23 October 07:30pm

Loulou replied to topic My son wont stay in his own bed

Hi Nicole, Is he tired when he goes to bed? Does he have an afternoon nap and if so how long for?? Ella is 21 months old and will sleep NOW most nights in her own bed, but if she's not ready for...

Saturday 25 September 06:23pm

Loulou replied to topic get together at parks

Hi Melissa, What side of Brisbane do you live on?? My daughter is 16 months old, I'm nearly 30 and we live at Narangba. If you would like to meet up sometime email me on [email protected]

Wednesday 14 April 05:17pm

Loulou replied to topic I'm a newbie

Hi Anuschkia, I'm Louise and live at Narangba. My daughter is 16 months old. If you want to chat or get together for coffee sometime, email me on [email protected]

Wednesday 14 April 05:15pm

Loulou replied to topic Help!!! Losec & Baby Nurofen

Hi Sam, Maybe he is a bit young for Nurofen, it states on the bottle not to give to babies under 12 mths unless consulted by a doctor. I think that could be because of the antihistamine (sorry can...

Friday 27 February 08:27pm

Loulou replied to topic Standing in cot instead of sleeping

Hi Nicole, My daughter still stands in her cot when she's put down to sleep. All you can do is go in and lay her down after a while, keep doing this until she gets the message it's time for sleep...

Wednesday 25 February 08:15pm

Loulou replied to topic WARNING X rated

Hi mummy1300, You certainly are not alone. My daughter is 14 months old and my libido is still low. The tiredness which comes with being a mum takes its toll and sometimes sleep can be more impo...

Wednesday 25 February 08:10pm

Loulou replied to topic when do they start teething?

Hi, Teething can pretty much start at any age and he definitely is showing the classic systems. My daughter started on this wonderful journey at 3 months and her first tooth was through by 6 month...

Wednesday 25 February 08:03pm
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