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narla replied to topic Breast v's Bottle

People will stick their nose's in no matter what you do. I breast feed my daugher for a couple of mnths (and disliked every minuet of it). People commented on me b/feeding her in public, saying I s...

Thursday 03 July 10:42am

narla started new topic food additives

Does anybody know much about food additives that affect chn? My 19mnth old daughter seems to react to foods like tin spagetti, rice rissotto, and has horrendus nightmares when she eats them. We ha...

Thursday 03 July 10:28am

narla replied to topic Toilet Training

My friend had this problem with her daughter. She would ask for a nappy so she could do a poo. My friend got her to sit on the toilet in her nappy to do her poo. After a while she cut a whole in th...

Sunday 22 June 11:48am

narla replied to topic Sleep

Have you concidered seeing a homeopath? Our daughter would go to sleep well, but would wake anywhere up to 6 times a night. I somethimes took over an hour to calm her down and get her back to slee...

Sunday 22 June 11:41am
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