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Miracle replied to topic When do they..........

hi i am tracy i have 2 kids, 3 three years and 1 year, I have found that teeth only take a couple of days to come through, so if they are grizzly and pulling at their ears it could also be another ...

Thursday 13 November 10:02pm

Miracle replied to topic Confused about Kindi and Pre-school starting age

Fiona, welcome to brisbane. As far as I am aware our little people are turning four and go to kindy, which is only offered privately by child care centre's or crehe & kindergartens (c&k's). The a...

Tuesday 04 November 10:08pm

Miracle replied to topic hates day care/pre school

I have been through the same thing, i took him out of care intending to try again, now i regret it. He refuses to even discuss kindy anymore and "no i wont go" is his answer then runs to his room....

Monday 03 November 10:57pm

Miracle replied to topic Taking the step of putting baby to bed awake?

Can i ask why you want to stop? If you are enjoying this and so is your beautiful contented son then why do you want to change this habit? As you must realise time goes by too quickly and before ...

Thursday 30 October 11:25pm

Miracle started new topic "he's so tiny"

My son is only tiny, i know this because everyone keeps telling me! He weighs only 13kg and doesnt even make it onto the percentile chart in the health record book. It is mentioned so often by fa...

Thursday 30 October 11:16pm
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