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Trace replied to topic Worming???

I would've agreed with you about only worming when symptoms appear, but when my daughter was 6 months old she was found with Intestinal worms. Also she had not been playing with dirt nor animals....

Wednesday 14 April 07:13pm

Trace replied to topic bronchiolitis

Hi kate .. thanks for your reply. Yeah, i thought it was a bit strange of your idea of eucalptus oil in the nebuliser!! LOL .. ( a bit dangerous too!) My babe is now 8 months old. She still whe...

Sunday 19 October 01:03pm

Trace started new topic Worms in a 7mth old!

I'd never thought that my baby could catch worms at 7 months of age! I thought that the reason she was rocking & rubbing her bottom so much was part of her developmental growth. My doctor said t...

Sunday 28 September 07:30pm

Trace started new topic sunscreen

Does anyone know of a good brand of sunscreen for young bubs that has a nice scent?

Tuesday 23 September 08:05pm

Trace started new topic bronchiolitis

My 7 month old daughter has been diagnosed with bronchiolitis. She constantly wheezes & has had trouble breathing over the last 3 months, worsening these last few weeks. Her doctor has started ...

Tuesday 23 September 07:42pm

Trace replied to topic formula and wind

I introduced my baby to S26 Gold also at 5 weeks. She also had extremely bad wind trouble and refused to sleep because of this. We tried all the colic remedies without any relief. It wasn't unti...

Saturday 21 June 06:18pm

Trace replied to topic Automatic Swing

Thanks for your comments. I live in Melbourne, but I think they have similar hire programs here - that seems like a more reasonable idea.

Friday 02 May 12:53pm

Trace started new topic Automatic Swing

I am thinking about purchasing an automatic swing for my daughter & was wondering whether anyone has one and reccommends it? what ages would it suit?

Tuesday 29 April 08:37pm

Trace replied to topic Baths or showers?

After reading your query & the comments the other day, today i decided to put my 9wk old in the shower with my hubby. It was a difficult task - and most definitely took 2 people. But she loved it...

Tuesday 29 April 08:28pm

Trace started new topic Nan Ha

Wondering if any other parents have used this formula successfully. I have been advised to use it by my MHC nurse for 1 month or if i like i can use up until my daughter is 12 months. The formul...

Tuesday 29 April 08:23pm

Trace replied to topic 1 hour feeds

Thank-you to everyone for their advice. My daughter is now 9 weeks old and is 'just' starting to feed for the recommended 20 minutes! She has been started on Nan Ha which is a lot easier for her ...

Tuesday 29 April 08:17pm

Trace replied to topic Dummies

I would recommend using the nuk brand of dummies. I found both the avent & tommee tippie brands caused colic in my daughter. The nuk brand has a special anti-colic teat, you may pay a little more...

Wednesday 23 April 05:31pm

Trace started new topic Coloxyl Drops

On weaning my 5 week old daughter from breast to formula milk ( S26) she became painfully constipated. I was told to give her coloxyl drops at the time. She is now 7 weeks old and I still find t...

Thursday 17 April 09:40pm

Trace started new topic 1 hour feeds

I have a 7 week old baby who is taking up to an hour to feed. And even so she still doesn't manage to drink all her 120 mls of formula - at the most 100mls. Once I have started to feed her she f...

Thursday 17 April 09:33pm
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