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traceye started new topic heavy and breastfed

Anyone else got a heavy baby that is breastfed? My son just turned 5 months and is 11kg and is fully breastfed (no solids yet either) 4 times a day for the last fortnight. It'd be great to hear a...

Saturday 23 June 08:00pm

traceye replied to topic Circumcision

So we had our 11 month old son done on the 5th of August with Dr Terry Russell in Brisbane - we live in Sydney but my husband's family live in Brisbane so it was easy enough to get an appointment w...

Monday 18 August 04:11pm

traceye replied to topic To Sterilise or Not to Sterilise

There is some literature out there that advises to sterilise up to 12 months but I know a lot of mothers who stopped between 8-12 months. For us, it was no hassle to sterilise, so we figure it is p...

Friday 08 August 04:15pm

traceye replied to topic formaul

My baby loved S26 Gold, I think it is sweeter than other formulas and he went from the breast to that fine but it is hard on the guts and caused constipation so we moved to Karicare Gold.

Friday 01 August 08:27pm

traceye replied to topic Circumcision

To circumcise or not to circumcise - that really is a question for the parents. It is a hot topic but I think depending on which way you fall you will always be able to find arguments to support yo...

Saturday 26 July 12:21pm

traceye replied to topic Circumcision

Ok, I have researched a lot more and the method is called the Plastibell method of circumcision - this is where the foreskin falls off within 3-5 days rather than cut off. From what I have seen, th...

Wednesday 23 July 06:50pm

traceye replied to topic Circumcision

Hi Austinn's Mum, Are you able to tell me who the doctor is that does this bell clamp method or if there is a website to find doctor's such as these? Thanks Tracey

Monday 21 July 06:48pm

traceye replied to topic not eating, not sleeping??hlp?

Go to the doctor! If you are stressing and you know something is not right then go with your gut instinct and get it checked out. Green poo one of the signs for dehydration. Hope the sleep and fe...

Friday 04 July 08:56pm

traceye replied to topic breast feeding and introducing solids

My son had the solid 'signs' at 4 months but we waited until he was 6 months as he was still sleeping well and gaining lots of weight. Can you start giving food straight away? - sure if they have ...

Wednesday 25 June 07:44pm

traceye replied to topic Rocking your baby to sleep

You'll need to re-train and this will mean you will have to be able to take a little crying. The controlled crying method I think is the most popular or finding him another sleep prop that isn't so...

Wednesday 25 June 07:37pm

traceye replied to topic Rolling over

My son just started rolling at 7.5 months. We never really worried about it, he is 9.5 months and weighs 13 kg. But he was sitting up by himself at 4.5 months and stands holding onto furniture from...

Saturday 21 June 06:36am

traceye replied to topic Juggling full time work, domestic stuff and family.

All I can say is 'Maggi' or 'Continental'. There are these packets of stuff that all you need to do is add the meat and vegetables and it has things ready from 10-40 minutes depending on what you p...

Saturday 14 June 06:08pm

traceye replied to topic when your baby say mummy or daddy..

My son just turned 9 months and is saying 'Dadda'. Apparently regardless of how much more time a mother spends with the baby, babies are more likely to say Dadda over Mamma because it is easier to ...

Saturday 14 June 06:01pm

traceye replied to topic formula and wind

S26 is renowned for causing constipation and is more common out of all cow's milk based formulas for causing digestive problems. S26 was my first formula choice in the beginning when I was moving f...

Wednesday 11 June 07:34pm

traceye started new topic menstruation after stopping breastfeeding

Hi, Does anyone know the average length of time after one stops breastfeeding that menstruation starts? There appears to be a lot of info about menstruation while a mother is breastfeeding but no...

Saturday 07 June 05:56pm

traceye replied to topic How long should a three month old be sleeping for?

I stopped waking my son when he was 4 weeks old and he slept through from then. We were told and I have read that you should keep waking up your baby at least once during the night up to 4-5 weeks...

Sunday 01 June 06:02pm

traceye replied to topic BIG BOY

Hi Cooper74, I know EXACTLY how you feel. Your baby is practically the same as my baby... he will be 9 months in a week and he is 12.6kg. He was going further and further away from that 97% growt...

Sunday 01 June 05:51pm
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