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allboys started new topic new member looking for help

Hi, my name is Karen and my four year old boy as sweet as he is has development delay, sensory integration disorder and dyspraxia. Is there ANYONE out there who has a child with similar challenges ...

Tuesday 22 May 11:11am

allboys started new topic crestmead mum of boys

I am searching for any mums with boys about 4 years that have any kind of developmental delay. My boy has dyspraxia and sensory input disorder, but he is a lovely little boy and we would just like ...

Tuesday 22 May 11:00am

allboys replied to topic Any suggestions on how to stop bub from rolling over in cot?

Hi there sherrie, I used rolled up towels on either side of my little boy, who would not sleep on his back like the nurses wanted. It seemed to work. Just an idea.

Thursday 14 April 08:03pm

allboys replied to topic Reflux

Hi Katie A. My 10 week old also has reflux/colic. We tried the anti-reflux formula but that made him worse. We tried Zantac, no go their either. I swapped him from breast to bottle because everyone...

Saturday 28 June 07:52pm

allboys replied to topic Big age gap

I have an 11 year old and a 9 year old, and the most recent has just turned 1 and I am due in three weeks with our fourth. The 9 year old just loves the 1 year old, he cant keep his hands off him, ...

Friday 28 March 12:22pm

allboys replied to topic How long will it last?

I have three boys, 11, 9 and 1 year this sunday. My husband shocked me with the first son, I didnt have to lift a finger in hospital but when I came home, that was different, he had to go to work a...

Saturday 15 March 10:21pm
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