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liby started new topic Penrith Area parent/parents

Hi all im Liby from Werrington N.S.W im 21 single mum with a 1 year old daughter ashleigh. I would like to meet new friends with bubs. I have a couple of pals with bubs already and we get together ...

Monday 26 January 12:28pm

liby replied to topic my 1 year old won't eat propley

hi all im also going through this with my girl maybe its the heat but i found if i bought a cheap plastic table cloth and put it under the high chair giving her a selection of food on a plate she ...

Thursday 08 January 07:30pm

liby replied to topic What to expect from 6 months onwards

hi there sky, im liby and im also a first time mum with my lil girl ashleigh, who is 6 months on 14th july. I too wonder, and i guess it goes with the package we cant wait till there new milesto...

Saturday 05 July 10:13pm

liby replied to topic first timer

hi there sharon welll congrats first on ur pregnancy i am also 20 and i had my baby 14 jan 03 she is 5 1/2 months now and growing wonderfully and always laughing. i hope u have alot of suppport...

Wednesday 02 July 10:08pm

liby replied to topic E-mail Pals

hiya all i to have enjoyed reading, learning and even trying to help in the forums. im 21 f parramatta sydney im a first time mum for ashleigh nearly 6 months, and would love to chat with anyone a...

Tuesday 01 July 09:20pm

liby replied to topic Trying to eat properly with a demanding baby.

Firstly i want to say congratulations on having succeded in breast feeding for that amount of time. As i bottle fed and couldnt feed her myself i had a lil more time but not heaps. i would make me...

Tuesday 01 July 08:46pm

liby replied to topic Getting back in shape with baby.

Hi, i started walking since six weeks after the birth of my daughter every second day plus i exagerate household chores tensing muscles when bending and scrubbing Also every sunday we have fam...

Saturday 28 June 01:38pm

liby replied to topic Starting Solids

i was giving the best advice , if u feel they need solids or extra mills in bottles do it see if there is any reaction after four days if baby is happier go for it babys are all different and most ...

Wednesday 28 May 10:07pm

liby started new topic Rolling over

hi, I have a 15 week old lil girl and was wondering when will she roll.? she has rolled once but not again she has lots of tummy play as she will only sleep on her tummy. she is very strong can...

Monday 05 May 11:48am

liby replied to topic TEETHING !

My Baby girl is 3 1/2 months and is now starting to what i think teeth her gums are sore and she also gnaws on her fist my finger and her dummy crying lots and unsettled i give her baby panadol an...

Wednesday 30 April 12:45pm

liby replied to topic thinks that made u laugh

when in that excrutiating pain that is known as LABOUR my lovely man and good girlfriend my so called coaches were standing next to me and singing (oh happy days) and dancing around with each othe...

Thursday 10 April 07:14am

liby started new topic starting solids

I was wondering the experiances other mums have had on how early to start solids. My girl is 11 1/2 weeks almost 6kg and is still hungry after her bottle of 160ml every 3 1/2 hrs. She is very stro...

Saturday 29 March 06:37pm

liby started new topic post natal depression

i have only recently found out i have PND everyone thought i was just overly happy and excited and i was but i was using this to cover up i was in denial and thought i could snap myself out i also ...

Tuesday 11 March 05:32pm

liby replied to topic post natal depression

i never thought i would develop PND i was so happy and just wanted to go out and show of my beautiful bundle. i did think i was sleep deprived but now i know it was slowly building up to PND i thou...

Sunday 09 March 12:37pm

liby replied to topic complaints in pregnancy

Try Raspberry leaf tea in the health food section of supermarkets, it is great to help you sleep and relax, cause soon you wont be doing much of either place a pillow under your bump and one betwe...

Sunday 02 March 01:26pm

liby started new topic post natal depression

sometimes is very hard to see when in denial you can hide symptons very well until its to late and noone picks up on them not even doctors . Mums should feel that they are no less of a mother or a ...

Sunday 02 March 01:14pm

liby replied to topic Bottle feeding

Try sitting as you would to normal breast feed with skin to skin contaact when she is ready to take your nipple push the teat in her mouth instead keeping the skin to skin contact

Sunday 02 March 12:52pm
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