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Danielle73 replied to topic make it happen

Hi ausmum, thought I would reply on this thread. I was induced at 42 week's with my son and believe me I tried everything from sex , castor oil, curry, walking ,you name it and I tried it. Nothing ...

Sunday 06 April 07:30pm

Danielle73 replied to topic induction

Hi Ausmum> I was induced with both of my children. My daughter was induced at 38 week's . I was assessed in the labour ward and they broke my waters and put in the drip . Things were pretty stra...

Sunday 06 April 07:19pm

Danielle73 replied to topic 3rd Degree Tear

Hi Iceous. I also had a 3rd degree tear with my daughter. It didnt feel back to normal for about 5 month's. I had terrible pain for about 8 week's and thought thing's would never get any better. Ma...

Sunday 06 April 07:11pm

Danielle73 started new topic Going from 2 children to 3.

HI, I have 2 children a girl 7 and a boy just turned 4. We are planning a 3rd pregnancy hopefully this year. I was wondering if there are any Mum/Dad's out there that could give me some insite into...

Wednesday 26 March 12:07pm
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