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MARYT replied to topic Is anyone a member of playgroup vic?

Hi Melly I am a member of Playgroup Vic and my baby is 10 mths. You can join a group or develop one of your own. Just make sure that if you join a group it is of similar age. At the moment my play...

Thursday 24 June 06:55pm

MARYT replied to topic First Birthday Present

One suggestion that I am going to do for my son's 1st birthday is writing a special letter to him - what his first year of life really means to me. Then I am going to frame it and give it to him w...

Friday 28 May 07:30pm

MARYT replied to topic How many bottles should a six month old be having?

Up to 8 mths my son was drinking 5 bottles of 240ml formula plus 3 solids. Now he is on 4 bottles. If you are concerned about the vitamin intake you might want to move him to progress formula. Cer...

Sunday 23 May 06:35pm

MARYT replied to topic Tongue Tied

Hi stephanie, Our newborn had the snip when he was nearly 3 weeks old. It was a dramatic experience for us as we didn't expect this to happen. We asked questions and having a teaching background,...

Sunday 23 May 06:28pm

MARYT replied to topic 1st birthday

Thanks for the ideas, sorry to hear about the wasps Jo. I'm sure this made the day very memorable. I like the engraved cup as an idea. Sandra, I love the hand paint idea..very original. How are yo...

Wednesday 19 May 06:47pm

MARYT started new topic 1st birthday

Just wondering what did you do to celebrate your child's first birthday? Also did you have any special momentos? I'm planning my baby's 1st birthday and trying to get some ideas. Thanx.

Friday 14 May 01:18pm

MARYT replied to topic Should a new baby sleep in your room or not?

Like everyone says you do what you feel is right. My husband and I chose to have our baby with us and I wouldn't have it any other way. SIDS is a big issue. Having our baby with us helped us moni...

Tuesday 11 May 07:08pm

MARYT replied to topic To Hyphen - or not to hyphen

Mmmm. I think I like the hyphen. i think the name Anne-Marie is hyphenated. Maryjane to me looks like a new name creation which is great if you want uniqueness and something different. The Jane in ...

Monday 10 May 07:02pm

MARYT started new topic dribbling

My friends 4 1/2mth old lovesssss to dribble andhas developed a rash on her neck. She was given cortisone medication and although it cleared it still comes back. I haven't experienced this with...

Sunday 09 May 07:27pm

MARYT replied to topic Will my baby turn in time?

Hi I'm not sure about breech pregnancies but a baby's position is unpredictable. My baby was engaged and in the right position and some time during lcontractions he turned around and became proste...

Sunday 09 May 07:21pm

MARYT replied to topic Am sick of people presuming I am about to drop.....

I know what you mean!! When I was pregnant I couldn't understand how people assumed they had permission to touch my tummy (which I hated)! Then there was the comments....well...I figured that every...

Sunday 09 May 07:15pm

MARYT replied to topic Internet sites for Kids

Sesame Street has some fantasic educational activities. I've only just started the look out for sites. I'm going to give the ones suggested a go!

Tuesday 04 May 07:22pm

MARYT replied to topic What age to start kids on the computer??

I feel there is no age. Of course the older child can use the keyboard but you can sit your child in front of the computer while you use the keyboard. I sit my 8 1/2mth old on my lap while I type...

Tuesday 04 May 07:21pm

MARYT replied to topic The Role of GodParents??

Hi, I am a God Parent twice and my son has Godparents. From a religious perspective the role is to nuture the child spiritually. Of course the parent is the prime teacher but in case the parent i...

Tuesday 04 May 07:12pm

MARYT replied to topic Starting a routine

Hi, I feel it's important to start a routine but it is also important to be flexible and to go with the flow.. I kinda had timeslots but the daily routine was affected by his length of naps. But my...

Wednesday 28 April 07:07pm

MARYT replied to topic Breastmilk or Formula for night feeds

Hi, From birth my milk was not strong enogh so I breastfed and formula bottle fed. This worked well for my baby. I figured this out when my baby would cry every hour after only given the breast. Th...

Wednesday 28 April 06:58pm

MARYT replied to topic Morning sickness?

Congrats!! I had all day sickness...yuk!! The morning was the worst. Ginger biscuits helped me...but at my pregnancy classes when my sickness was well and truly gone..many women raved on about bar...

Tuesday 27 April 06:27pm

MARYT replied to topic feeding baby meat

Hi Morgana, I just make plenty of vege and meat soup. Meat could be lamb, chicken, scotch fillet. When I don't have fresh meat I substitute for lentils, split peas, beans etc that are high in iron.

Monday 26 April 07:28pm

MARYT replied to topic Routines

Hi Debs, It's a great idea to get baby into a routine. Not only is it beneficial to them but to you...for your sanity!! My 8 1/2 mth old has been in a routine since birth...not everyday has worke...

Saturday 24 April 06:48pm

MARYT replied to topic Help us please!

Hi, I can imagine the strain on you and your 8 1/2mth old..You are not doing anything wrong!!I'm not sure what you can haven't mentioned your eating he on solids, formula/brea...

Saturday 24 April 11:14am
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