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pm793 replied to topic No more day time sleep??

Hi, I have a 2 1/2 yr old girl and an 8mnth old girl. I know how frustrating and tiring it can be trying to get them both to bed in order to get some rest ("Me time"). My eldest has decided on and...

Friday 03 March 09:21pm

pm793 started new topic 17 month old now won't sleep through...

My 17 month-old used to sleep through the night - from about 7pm to 6:30am. She used to go to bed fine, no dramas, and would actually almost dive into her cot. Lately, she has taken to waking up ...

Tuesday 25 January 08:40am

pm793 replied to topic drinking out of tumbler

I found the "Tommee Tippee" cups with handles at the sides and pop-up spout to be very good. I spent quite a bit of money on cups when I first started buying them, as my daughter would chew on the...

Friday 28 May 05:51pm

pm793 replied to topic Drinking less milk

Hi ZacsMum. I've posted before somewhere regarding feeding issues. My daughter (now 9 months) has never really ever taken the "correct" amount of formula (she's been on formula since 4 1/2 weeks)....

Friday 28 May 05:45pm

pm793 replied to topic Nasty helpline lady

I agree that some people just shouldn't be working in the child health area. I had an awful experience with the midwives when I was in hospital. Some of them where so abrupt, weren't supportive a...

Tuesday 27 April 02:36am

pm793 replied to topic chin quivering

I have read somewhere that this is "one of those things" that babies tend to do (along with grunting, coughing etc). If you are concerned, I'd see someone, but they would probably tell you the sam...

Tuesday 27 April 02:28am

pm793 replied to topic solids and milk in one feed??

Hi, a really good book is "Breast, bottle, bowl". For bubs between 6-9 months, they still require 600-700ml of milk (if formula fed). You can start offering solids first at this age. But, as all...

Saturday 24 April 09:51am

pm793 replied to topic Drinking milk really slow, frequently stopping

My 7 month old daughter has been doing the same thing (very slow drinking) since she was about 4 months old. She has a tendency to stop at 100ml each time. I usually change her nappy then, and tr...

Saturday 24 April 09:43am

pm793 replied to topic What is your 7th moth old up to????

Hi, I have found the playpen to be a great investment. I pop my little one in it generally every day for about 1/2 an hour. She has some toys in there (different ones to the ones she has elsewher...

Saturday 24 April 09:23am

pm793 started new topic active baby during sleep

I don't know if anyone else has the same problem...My 7 month old daughter is just so active - during the day and even during her sleep. She generally does sleep pretty well at night (the last wee...

Tuesday 13 April 12:40am

pm793 replied to topic Fighting the Bottle

Hi, My daughter is now 6 months old. She already has her first set of teeth (they came through at 5 months), and now it seems her top teeth are about to appear. She is also refusing her bottle, a...

Wednesday 17 March 10:12pm

pm793 replied to topic teething & sleeping

Hi, My little one started getting teething symptoms from about 3 months (she's now 6 months old) - drooling, chewing, going off feeds, being clingy and sooky etc. She also started night-waking a l...

Wednesday 03 March 09:04pm

pm793 replied to topic travelling abroad with 8.5 month old - any tips--anyone used polarmine/phenergan?

Hi, We travelled to Canada in December with our 4 1/2 month old. I was worried at first, but more so out of concern for the other passengers on the plane - because it is such a long flight!! A fe...

Wednesday 03 March 08:58pm

pm793 replied to topic C-sect scar

My daughter is now 5 1/2 months old, and I too had a c-section. My scar is still red, and at one stage was quite raised, which is odd for me, because I don't keloid scar. Some parts of it are sti...

Wednesday 25 February 02:52pm

pm793 started new topic cot bumpers

I have a 5-month-old daughter who is an extremely restless sleeper at night. She seems to end up in all sorts of positions all over the cot at night. She ends up with her arms and legs out the si...

Tuesday 17 February 10:35am

pm793 replied to topic Should I feel guilty?

I went back to work when my daughter was 9 weeks old, she's now 5 months old. The only reason I had to go back is because I was forced to go on maternity leave early (complications), and thus we w...

Wednesday 11 February 10:18am

pm793 replied to topic How long on the Jolly Jumper??

Hi, I recently purchased a JJ, and from memory (we threw the box out), it was designed by a physiotherapist. My daughter (5months) loves it. She's not always jumping like crazy, she'll stop and s...

Wednesday 11 February 09:27am

pm793 replied to topic travel and bottlefeeding help?

Hi, we just got back from a 4 week trip to Canada with our now 5-month old daughter. For the flights there and back, we filled all our bottles (10 x 240ml) with pre-boiled water. Initially, we ma...

Sunday 08 February 04:02am

pm793 replied to topic How much does your baby drink?

Thank goodness there are other babies out there who are drinking less! My 19 week old daughter has been a constant source of anxiety for me over the past few weeks. She will only take about 100ml...

Saturday 24 January 05:14pm

pm793 replied to topic baby after loss

It is very hard to enjoy a pregnancy after experiencing loss. My first pregnancy, I lost the baby at 8 weeks. I then became pregnant 4 months later, only to go into premature labour at 24 weeks d...

Tuesday 04 November 03:31pm
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