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ajs replied to topic controlled crying

Tonipie, I have a great way to finally resolve this issue. It strings along from page to page and unfortunately has become BORING. (By the way, I also am the husband of a member, AJS) So, getting ...

Saturday 29 May 06:10pm

ajs started new topic 7months & wakes up ALOT

Can anyone shed some light on my problem. I say problem very loosly as it isn't bothering me completly, it is just alittle inconvient . My happy seven month old doesn,t sleep through the night. Sh...

Tuesday 18 May 11:47am

ajs replied to topic Okay when picked up - Cries when put down!

Hi It sounds like she just wants your reasurence. My little one wakes for little feeds all night long. Sorry i don't have any advice other than the fact she doesn't know how to put herself back t...

Friday 26 March 07:28pm

ajs replied to topic Pick up, Put down method for sleeping

I too saw this programe and am going to give it a try. At the moment my 5 1/2 month old wakes all night long and i feed her back to sleep. The tv show said that when the mum is the one currently ...

Friday 26 March 07:20pm

ajs replied to topic frequent waking during night crying?

Hi there I have a 4 1/2 month old and know what your talking about. She wakes through out the night, so i feed her and she is asleep in seconds. At first I thought my supply wasn't enough and i kn...

Wednesday 03 March 04:25pm

ajs replied to topic back to sex

Thanks everyone for your replys and advice It's all working out well now Thanks

Wednesday 11 February 05:08pm

ajs replied to topic WARNING X rated

hi my bub is four months and my sex drive is slowing coming back and things are final feel back to normal down below. Everyone's drive comes back in it's own time. I think it's got to do many with ...

Wednesday 11 February 05:05pm

ajs replied to topic Waking at night again

Thank you for your replys You have made my mind rest alittle. I'm just going to wait it out and feed her more. It sounds like she could be growing and maybe itchy gums as well

Thursday 05 February 08:35am

ajs started new topic Waking at night again

Hi my little one is now waking up at night again. She is 16 weeks and up untill now use to sleep 7 hours. She now wakes up once or twice a night after what is ment to be her last feed. I have tr...

Tuesday 03 February 01:43pm

ajs replied to topic Pelvic Floor?

Yes Yes yes I know how you all feel!! My daughter is 16 weeks and i've doing my exercises when ever i remember. I'm getting better but my partner finds it funny to tickle me untill i pee!!! I wa...

Monday 02 February 09:28am

ajs replied to topic back to sex

Hi sarah for me it doesn't really hurt with ky. It was not what i had remembered though but it's slowly getting back to that old feeling have a go at riding that bike again!!!

Sunday 11 January 03:24pm

ajs replied to topic rocking to sleep

thanks for your advice angela Im giving it a go. it's not really working yet but i'm sure we will get there. It's hard when we have visiters at the moment. I going to win the battle of the wills!!...

Thursday 01 January 04:04pm

ajs started new topic rocking to sleep

I rock my little girl to sleep in her cradle and in her pram. She is 11 weeks and growing fast. She will soon be to long for her craddle so i need to move her to her cot in her room. When i have tr...

Sunday 28 December 10:25am

ajs started new topic Periods & breastfeeding

I just got my period after nine and a half weeks after having my daughter. I am fully breastfeeding and feel very disappointed to have them back already. My gran told me when you get your period ba...

Thursday 18 December 09:18am

ajs started new topic Pram sleeping

I have a Nine week old daughter who is a wonderful baby. She sleeps well but my problem is my own discipline. It only takes me seconds to get her to sleep in her pram. It is harder to get her to sl...

Monday 15 December 07:59pm

ajs replied to topic Baby Clinics????

Hi welcome to Sydney Ring your local council and they will tell you where your local clinic is. you don't need to book to far in advance.

Sunday 14 December 06:13pm

ajs started new topic losing my mind???

Hi My daughter was born 9 weeks ago and all is going well with her. I on the other hand think I'm getting dumber!! I find that I feel foggy headed and a little slow. When I'm breatfeeding I can st...

Saturday 13 December 10:00am

ajs replied to topic CRYING WHEN FEEDING:(

my bet would be that your little one has wind moving in his bowel. When you start to feed him the warm milk activates his bowels some thing that happens to all of us. Maybe you can rub his tummy in...

Friday 12 December 08:02pm

ajs replied to topic Can't put her down

I did the same thing with my little one. I used to let her fall asleep in my arms and would then sit there with her in my arms why she slept, crazy i know but it was a nice way to bond with her. Th...

Friday 12 December 07:44pm

ajs replied to topic Skin Tags

You sound like a very brave women to listen to peoples comment. It has been an interesting learning curve for me as a first time mum hearing people make comments about my new little creation. It am...

Friday 12 December 07:14pm
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