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blue2 started new topic Uncharacteristic night waking

My 12 month old, who usually sleeps through the night, has begun waking once or twice crying. After I pick her up for 5 minutes or so, during which she is very sleepy, I place her back in her cot,...

Thursday 08 January 09:13pm

blue2 replied to topic Nappy Rash

My daughter often has nappy rash, sometimes her bottom is bright red immediately after she made a poo. This frequently happens when she has eaten lots of green vegies - brocolli, beans and spinach...

Wednesday 10 December 10:50pm

blue2 started new topic Controlled crying

Can someone explain what controlled crying is? I have heard it used in conversation but I am not sure how it is done. Thanks.

Friday 21 November 09:08pm

blue2 started new topic Lunch ideas

Does anyone have any tasty lunch ideas for a 10 month old. She has a wetbix for breakfast and meat/fish/lentils/vegies/soy pasta/rice for dinner and a little farax for supper and she drink heaps o...

Thursday 20 November 09:54pm

blue2 started new topic Difficulty falling asleep

My 10 month old has just begun crying everytime I put her down to sleep, especially at night. Before this she fell asleep quietly and with a little cackle when I placed her into her cot, but now, s...

Thursday 20 November 09:45pm
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