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Patch replied to topic new mom, new in Vic, wanna look for new friends....

Hi Sugarbeb I'm also new to this channel and I'm in Melbourne. You're very brave to be in a new land and with a new baby. How's it all going? I am married with a daughter who is going to be 16m...

Tuesday 16 December 01:56pm

Patch replied to topic Looking for email pals age 23 and up from NZ and Auzzie

Hi Jess What you're feeling is normal. The first couple of months is quite stressful especially when it's your first baby and everything is so new. Emma is a good name. My daughter's name is al...

Tuesday 16 December 01:45pm

Patch replied to topic prima pappa high chair

Hi Rebecca I did what someone else mentioned too. I found that the Swallow brand of cover fits the best for PP highchair and I bought it from Babyco in Melbourne too. It was $25. They're not ...

Tuesday 16 December 01:23pm

Patch replied to topic formula to cows milk

If you are worried, you can add cool boiled water to the milk so that it's not that heavy. Or add formula to cow's milk. Half of each. I introduced my daughter to cow's milk when she was 8 mths ...

Tuesday 16 December 01:04pm

Patch replied to topic How much milk?

I was told by my Maternal Health Nurse that toddlers only need an equivalent of 600mls of milk for the day. This means that if the child does not want to drink milk then as long as the 600mls of c...

Tuesday 16 December 11:04am
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