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supermum replied to topic Worming???

Thanks for that info have spoken to a few people over the week including health centre thay all say the same thing. We should be right since we don't have any pets. Will tell my mother in law thi...

Tuesday 06 April 06:18am

supermum started new topic Worming???

In regards to my worming topic pushed wrong button not allowing returned messages please reply to this post!!!!!

Thursday 01 April 02:57pm

supermum started new topic Worming????

Hi I need some advice on worming my 2 boys my mother in-law is on my back saying its what she always did twice a year. My mother never did so I'm not to sure on what to do. I assumed you only wor...

Thursday 01 April 02:51pm

supermum replied to topic Disobedient

Hi reading your message it all sounds so familar to me, my advice is go to your major book store & pick up the book "TAMING THE TODDLER" by Dr Christopher Green. It saves me still this day it is j...

Friday 12 March 03:50pm

supermum replied to topic Thanks to you Mums

I agree having this exchange is making you realize everyone goes through difficult stages and shows you your not alone. My son is just starting to come out of the tantrums slowly now awaiting on m...

Friday 12 March 03:37pm

supermum started new topic How to get housework, dinner, & have happy kids!

I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to keep everything together. I have two boys nearly three old & a 10 month old baby which the toddler is a very active happy liitle boy. Up unt...

Sunday 28 December 07:10pm

supermum replied to topic New Kid on the Block

Hi reading your message rang some bells for me as I have a almost 3 year old boy and a 10 month old boy. My son was a bit younger but after giving birth my husband brought him straight into the bi...

Sunday 28 December 06:53pm
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