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jcle6 replied to topic settling on their own

Tresillian is Tweddle in Victoria. They have a website if you want to check them out -, but they are probably really busy at the moment as they were on Bert this morning!

Friday 27 February 11:46am

jcle6 replied to topic Baby not gaining weight

Thanks everyone for your replies. I thought I would just update the story. Max is now 6 mths old and in the last mth he gained 600 and something grams so is now cruising happily along the 50th perc...

Friday 27 February 11:31am

jcle6 replied to topic When to start juice

Hi Twin Mum. I don't want to be a spoil sport, but our maternal and child health nurse told us you should not really give your baby juice ever! Same goes for adults actually, but of course we are a...

Thursday 12 February 10:48am

jcle6 replied to topic biting

I haven't had that experience, but my five month old bites me every now and then when breastfeeding. My child health nurse told me to put him down immediately and leave, and this will teach him tha...

Wednesday 04 February 10:11pm

jcle6 replied to topic Bub won't sleep til late at night!!!!

I had the exact same problem with my baby. He would be up until at least 11pm, if not 1 or 2am. I started to realise that I needed to give him some sort of routine to break this habit. Since I have...

Tuesday 03 February 11:59am

jcle6 started new topic Abusive relationship

I am really worried. This is not in relation to me and my partner as we are doing fine, but my brother got his (ex?)girlfriend pregnant, and their relationship is in big trouble. She has hit him wi...

Monday 02 February 10:46pm

jcle6 replied to topic names? anything different? I don't have a clue.

We named our son Maximilian, but Max is a pretty common one if you're looking for something unusual. My brother is probably going to name his baby Seth which is quite nice.

Monday 02 February 10:40am

jcle6 replied to topic Baby not gaining weight

Thanks for your replies. Good to know others have had the same experience, but alo a bit worried by Kerrie's story. Can I ask you Kerrie - did your baby have less wet nappies, or any other sign tha...

Monday 02 February 09:41am

jcle6 replied to topic what does your childrens names mean????

Maximilian - from Latin, means "great". We did not choose it because of the meaning, we just liked the name - but it's a pretty good meaning to go along with!

Saturday 31 January 09:23am

jcle6 started new topic Going back to study

I was in the middle of a bachelor degree when I got pregnant so I took last semester off to have my baby. I am now going back to uni two days a week starting 1st March this year. Has anyone done th...

Saturday 31 January 08:50am

jcle6 replied to topic young mum loving motherhood

I was 23 when I got pregnant and people still commented on my age. The lady in the chemist when I was buying Fefol said, "You're a bit young to be pregnant, aren't you?" All I could think was - wha...

Saturday 31 January 08:45am

jcle6 replied to topic moves around in cot

My 5 mth old son does the same thing. I also try and dress him up warmly (you can get those sleeping bags for babies), but have not yet figured out what to do about the wriggling. The other night h...

Saturday 31 January 08:23am

jcle6 started new topic Monash Uni

Does anyone go to Monash Uni in Clayton? It would be kinda cool to catch up if you do - I study Linguistics.

Friday 30 January 09:57pm

jcle6 started new topic Baby not gaining weight

I am just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience to mine and can maybe put my mind at rest a bit. My 5 month old boy was born weighing 3630g and has been steadily gaining weight up until ...

Friday 30 January 09:55pm

jcle6 replied to topic Starting solids

Hi Christian's Mum. Are you breast or bottle feeding? Maybe trying rice cereal first would be a good idea as you mix this with breast milk or formula for a familiar taste. Also, my baby was not enj...

Wednesday 28 January 10:43am

jcle6 replied to topic Getting to sleep

Thank you both. I have just started him on solids over the last couple of days, but I am giving him this for lunch at around 12pm, rather than in the arvo, so maybe some a bit later could help. The...

Wednesday 28 January 10:21am

jcle6 started new topic Getting to sleep

My baby is 5 mths old and since he was born he has gone to bed late. As a young baby he could sometimes be up all night and only get to sleep at about 5am! This has thankfully gotten better, but I ...

Tuesday 27 January 09:21am
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